Back to Basics: The T-Shirt


Back to Basics: The T-Shirt

(left to right: R13 – Vintage Rosie Tee: $210.00,;  Topshop – Cropped Tee: $16.00,;  Quiksilver – Nautical Stripe V-Neck Tee: was: $44.00 sale: $22.00,

It’s nothing new or ground-breaking… For the most part, the perfect outfit boils down to a t-shirt and jeans. Even Anna Wintour, reigning queen of Vogue said it one time or another. (I can’t remember where I read it now, but) Back in the day, before her editorship and all that, Anna’s wardrobe staples were cool vintage tees and jeans. The Olsen twins built an entire line around the concept of the perfect tee (The Row). So is it so wrong that I love my t-shirt and jeans? Pair them with flats, heels, boots, sandals, brogues and just about every other shoe in your arsenal and you’re ready to go.

My perfect combo of the moment is my white tee, my darkest wash jeans and a thin tan belt. Come fall, the most I’m likely to do is transition to a grey tee instead. It’s funny how something so simple is perfect for every season. For the record the tees I’m talking about are the scoop neck, cropped, and v-neck variations, not the kind crew neck kind you have stowed away for those trips to the gym.

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