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Pick Three: Lanvin

Pick Three: Lanvin

If a girl’s got a closet to play around it might as well stocked with Lanvin. What started as a mother making clothes for her daughter has become a runway favorite with a selection of pieces some of us would give anything to live in. Lanvin has an effortlessly French approach to fashion that combines this impeccably tailored way of making clothing and bags, with a stunning knack for luxury footwear. I love the exquisitely draped dresses, and the array of colors and shades that Lanvin likes to play with.


Court Shoes;
These shoes are kick ass right down to the heel. While style stalking at fashion week I noticed a girl stumbling along in wedges with gold cuffs strapped to her ankles and these give me that style equivalent without capturing the accessories I love to have on hand.
Available at for $1,087.22.


Tie Waist Dress;
Chic and simple, the ‘English Green’ hue is the perfect nearly black shade to contrast with something bright and vibrant. The cowl neck and tie waist also make it super flattering that’ll emphasize all the right assets of the femme silhouette.
Available at for $1,650.00.


Happy Tangerine Bag;
The Lanvin iconic Happy bag makes me all kinds of giddy in this shade of tangerine. The stunning shade makes this classic a go to for fall color blocking for the bold and the beautiful style maven that lurks somewhere in my closet.
Available at for $2,195.00 AUD.

The Fantastic Four: Maxi Dresses

The Fantastic Four: Maxi Dresses

On any given day, I’ll see at least fifteen beautiful maxi dresses. More than half of the time I’m tempted to walk up to the girl wearing it and ask her where she got it. But since I hate when other people are wearing the same thing as me, I digress, I usually move along. It’s a wonder how something so long can be so light and airy. The maxi dress is the perfect summer dress, for those hot days when you’re perched on your balcony, patio, or the fire escape with a tall glass of iced tea. It’s a amazing how a few accessories can truly transform these dresses to anything from boho chic to summer elegance. I want these dresses.

[1] DVF has accentuating the curves of a woman’s body down to a science, and I just love the coral and creme print of the Krystal maxi dress, it’s tropical perfection. [2] Can layers of lace not be stuffy, Imitation’s Molly maxi makes me think so, it’s the kind of dress that makes you pull your hair back into a bun for and pair down with simple accessories like a braided leather belt. [3] I hate the overuse of the word tribal, but this printed silk maxi dress from Edun is tribal at its best, it’s tribal and I’m loving it. [4] This Nation Ltd. Monaco dress is beyond simple, the ripple effect of the fabric is all it needs to be the go to summer essential from the beach to the city.

Kanye West Fails at Philanthropy…& Other News

Kanye West

  • Gwyneth Paltrow continues on her quest of annoyance, she may be the new face of Coach. — Refinery29
  • Surprise! Twitter feeds a narcissistic love affair that doesn’t do well in relationships, and now there’s a study to prove it. — DailyBeast
  • Trend Watch: I’m in love with these scalloped pants. But can I get a pair that’ll work for a girl with thick thighs please? — SheFinds
  • Johnny Weir is designing a line of LBD’s because a girl can never have too many of those right? — Styleite
  • Kayne West fails at philanthropy. The Kanye West foundation closed today after a terrible run. — Nerve