The Recap: Vampire Diaries 2.22 As I Lay Dying

As I Lay Dying

It’s been one rocky season and in true Vampire Diaries style, the body count mounted as we got through the season, right til the end.We’ve seen the hearts ripped right out of werewolves chests, immortal vampires come back from the dead, only to die again, new vampires come and go, our heroine’s sort of dead-beat biological father giving his life in a final act of heroics, and one of the original Vampire Diaries family take her leave from this world, only after turning into a Vampire herself (RIP Jenna). But, as usual, last night’s season finale left me with a few more questions than answers.

With a virtually tame Damon for most of this season who found solace in the arms of one lady or another, we can definitely say things ended up right where they should have been for him. The final kiss between Damon and Elena, was endearing, but not mushy. It wasn’t the passionate throw fans were probably expecting, but it will suffice, for now. As for Stefan, I think I’m a lot more interested in this so called ‘ripper’ Klaus described, than the lovesick, bleeding heart vamp we’ve become accustomed to. And for someone who gorged on human blood after being on a human-free diet just to save his brother, Stefan didn’t put up much of a fight when Klaus sent Katherine off to save Damon, even though he claimed she’d never get the cure to him. Stefan’s going to be over the deep end in season three, but won’t that make things more interesting?

The episode definitely gave me a couple throws, I knew that Damon wasn’t going to die, but when Jeremy was shot I admittedly could have been found screaming obscenities at the television. I knew Klaus would have made an appearance in the finale, but I was dreaming up the start of his vamp-wolf clan in my head, not that he’d be Damon’s savior. I kept asking myself, how did Elijah not realize that Klaus planned to kill him when he said he would “reunite” him with his family? I mean the phrase was so cryptic and it wasn’t exactly like Klaus was the picture of honor before that moment anyway.

With the threat of Klaus’ mega army looming on the horizon what can we hope will happen next season.

In theory I’d like Damon to discover where Klaus has been keeping his family members, and for him to un-stake them, bringing them back to life for an epic take down, although there’s still the matter to worry about Klaus being both wolf and vampire. I’d also like it if Elena and Damon got closer and Elena stopped fighting the fact that the older Salvatore brother isn’t really her second choice. Bonnie has a world of hurt coming for her, I was worried for a moment that Jeremy had become a vampire, but instead he seems to be haunted by the spirits of his former Vampire girlfriends. Loving a man that hot with two other women in the bed or relationship for that matter can make things extremely complicated. And could Vicki and Anna be coming back to Mystic Falls in season 3 for more than just a haunting? Caroline and Tyler ought to get together, and fast, besides Damon and Elena, that’s the relationship I most want to see unfold. I’d also like it if Caroline’s mother would just die already, but maybe everyone on The Vampire Diaries being parentless isn’t such a great idea.

There’s still that little matter of Elena becoming a vampire, will she or won’t she? If the books have anything to say about it she will, but as we all know, from experience (ahem… Gossip Girl) the television show rarely follows the same track as the book. Not to mention it’ll be more interesting to see Elena’s journey unfold in the state of the living.

The best quote of the night:

Katherine: “It’s okay to love them both… I did.”

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