The Recap: The Vampire Diaries 2.20 – The Last Day

The Last Day - Vampire Diaries

Every episode of Vampire Diaries leaves me with more questions than the last and last night didn’t disappoint. For starters, I’m a blistering wreck after Damon’s brush with werewolf Tyler. I mean there’s obviously a cure for a werewolf bite now right? Because I can tell you right now, if Vampire Diaries Season Three goes sans Damon, I will be instrumental in a bonafide mutiny.

With vampire blood coursing through Elena’s veins (courtesy of the older, hotter Salvatore Brother), I’d like someone to inform me as to when someone is going to tell Klaus to back the hell off. It’s my fine opinion that Elena shouldn’t be made into one of the undead until the end of the Vampire Diaries series (which should come as close to the end of time as possible). I’ve said it and last night even Damon said it; Elena and Katherine both being vampires, stretching on for eternity – not a good combo.

The secondary love triangle between Caroline, Matt and Tyler is back in full swing. But has Matt realized that if he killed all the supernatural people in his town he’d be left with no one? I’m delighted that there seems to be a bit of unfinished business between Tyler and Caroline, that I’m dying to see evolve in the next few episodes. Everything in Matt’s world is unraveling and the only thing he can do is stand there, like a deer in headlights with a rifle in tow. Not good enough.

The fact that this sun and moon curse was a hoax is one thing – but the fact that the real curse that this whole ritual lifts is Klaus’ and Klaus’ alone kind of makes me really angry. Next week he’ll be showing his fangs with a back up plan in place he’s got a tied up werewolf and… Surprise, Jenna’s the newest town vampire. I’d forgotten about her mortality to tell you the truth, but I guess it was only a matter of time before someone else turned vamp in good ol’ Mystic Falls.

By the end of the season, in true Vampire Diaries style – someone will die, the only question is who. Will they be vampire, human, witch or werewolf? Perhaps Jules will be the one to die and I’ll have little more than one tear to shed for that occasion. There are only two episodes left and as we’ve seen time and time again, anything can happen.

P.S. Was I the only one that thought lurking behind Elena’s ‘I don’t want to be a vampire whimper’ was an ‘I love Damon too’ whimper along with it? Me thinks there was, after all – in comparison, Stefan has proved to be a true failure when it comes to protecting the younger Petrova doppelganger. I’m sick of Stefan and Elena, dammit – I want Elena to kiss Damon!

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