The Recap: Gossip Girl 4.15: It-Girl Happened One Night

The Recap: Gossip Girl 4.15: It-Girl Happened One NightAlthough I highly doubt Blair Waldorf would be caught dead purchasing chocolates from Duane Reade come Valentine’s Day I was admittedly pleased with last night’s episode of Gossip Girl. Relationships are blossoming right before our eyes but it’s only a matter of time before the Upper East Side heats up. The sex scenes have been few and far between and I’m a little nauseated by Serena lip lock show we’re continually being exposed to. Save for Raina and Chuck’s dalliance, nothing on the UES has been quite so sensual, but not even Chuck had a Happy Valentine’s day even after all the trouble he went to to create his Venetian Fantasy Palace of Love.

As for Blair’s scheming, that I can never get enough of, so what’s next for Queen B? I’d prefer if that budding friendship with Lonely Boy turned into more than a friendship instead her going on a rampage to destroy Chuck and Raina, although something tells me that’s what’s about to happen. By the way, that split screen Blair and Dan phone watching Rosemary’s Baby was just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen either of the two characters do on the show that didn’t come off as cheesy or completely unrealistic (ahem Chuck flying all over the world for Blair’s favorite items). As for Raina, there’s a lot more to Tika Sumpter’s new character than meets the eye, and hopefully we’ll get to understand her a lot more as the rest of the season progresses, rumor has it she’s not leaving the Upper East Side anytime soon. Nate’s been relegated to his usual role as the sidekick, and an explosive situation is on the horizon for Eric thanks to Damien but I can’t quite shake the feeling that grenades are lying in what seems like picture perfect sand.

Thus far the most interesting plot lines that have yet to develop seem to be: Battling for Bass (Industries). Conquering Conde Nast (err. W). Blackmail with a capital D for Drugdealer and Damien.

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