The Pairing Principle: Food & Wine Cocktails App

Food & Wine Cocktails App

My best friend’s a chef, and for all intensive purposes, I love cooking and trying new restaurants more than I enjoy getting dressed in the morning and shopping for clothes. (Blasphemy, I know!) In all my dreams of being an editor, my first recourse was through fashion, but my true first love is food.

Today, Food & Wine, in partnership with Belvedere Vodka, released the perfect foodie/menu planning app for the summer season (or any other for that matter). Just in time for Cinco de Mayo the free Food & Wine Cocktails app offers a slew of cocktail and snack pairings for all sorts of spirits. That’s right it’s not just all about Belvedere Vodka, they’ve got recipes for Apertifs & Digestifs, Brandy, Champagne & Sparkling Wine, Gin & Genever, Mocktails, Rum & Cachaca, Tequila & Mezcal, Vodka, Whiskey, Wine &  Beer. This weekend, I’m planning on mixing up a batch of the Blood Orange Margaritas with the app’s recipe for Chunky Guacamole. For those crazy people with an aversion to tequila, I’m gathering the ingredients for the Belvedere Crimson Crush, served alongside plates of Pulled Chicken Grilled Corn Tacos. Yum!

Download the app here for your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch and start making the perfect pairings yourself.

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