The Fantastic Four: Crochet Work

The Fantastic Four: Crochet WorkI’ve said it before, but I really wish I knew how to crochet, the detail that goes into the hand crafted knit is simply magnificent. Whether it’s full blown, and makes up the entire garment, or a little piece of it is used to give a boho chic appeal to a piece, crochet work gets me every time. From the little doilies my mother had on her dresser when I was a child, to the sweater vest I love to no end – crochet definitely has a place in my heart.

[1] This Nina Ricci short sleeve crochet knot dress is so cutesy it could convince people you’re ten years younger if your not careful to dress it up with a few more adult accessories, like black pearls perhaps to offset the pastel mineral blue, and six inch chunky heels. [2] I stand by my statements that we don’t wear hats enough on this side of the pond and this fedora makes it a little easier than a fascinator, the lacy trim on this tribly hat is a tiny, but beautiful dose of crochet. [3] At first glance this crochet sweater looks like it could have belonged to my grandmother, but if it did I’d gladly hold it ransom because the salmon color gives it an updated air. [4] A sucker for shoes, and anything with a little wooden accent the neutral tones contrasted with the crochet detail make these Krugh t-strap peep-toe pumps too desirable for words.

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