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Kanye West Fails at Philanthropy…& Other News

Kanye West

  • Gwyneth Paltrow continues on her quest of annoyance, she may be the new face of Coach. — Refinery29
  • Surprise! Twitter feeds a narcissistic love affair that doesn’t do well in relationships, and now there’s a study to prove it. — DailyBeast
  • Trend Watch: I’m in love with these scalloped pants. But can I get a pair that’ll work for a girl with thick thighs please? — SheFinds
  • Johnny Weir is designing a line of LBD’s because a girl can never have too many of those right? — Styleite
  • Kayne West fails at philanthropy. The Kanye West foundation closed today after a terrible run. — Nerve

Carine and Karl, The -Felds Take Chanel to Fashion Heaven… & Other News

Helena Bonham Carter

  • Carine Roitfeld styles Chanel’s Fall Campaign – first Barney’s, now Chanel,the ex-Editrix isn’t doing too bad. We’ll affectionately term this partnership between Lagerfeld and Roitfeld ‘Chanel’s -felds,’ corny but cute. — The Cut
  • “Last Night Never Happened” has to be the best app ever invented for nights lacking in even questionable sobriety. — Mashable
  • Solange & Son, Daniel Julez J. Smith have to be the cutest mother and son pairing right now, totally in love with the Julez for Japan shirts her son designed. — Tumblr
  • Helena Boham Carter will not be influences by Vogue or any other fashion mag and the likes of fashion bloggers everywhere. She’ll dress as mad as she damn well pleases. Love it! — The Gloss
  • These pH balancing tampons have to be one of the strangest products on the market, although their reading materials seem convincing I don’t think I’m willing to go all washing machine on my lady parts. — Jezebel