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Fall Essentials: Sweaters

a Fall/Winter staple if ever there was one, but one I seemed to have ignored growing up to my father’s chagrin. We lived in Canada, and you can imagine the winters - he used to say: “you go out there like that and you’re going to catch a cold,” and I’d just laugh. Now I know better...

Sweaters are one of those few items the fashionable masses go gaga for that are just as functional as they can be indulgent. Whether it’s cashmere or wool, sweaters offer that cozy hug that keeps you warm when you’d otherwise be stuck in the teeth chattering cold (and a jacket of course).

From top left to bottom right:
Pullover Bow Sweater, $29.95; Gap.com |  Royal Blue Bat-Wing Sweater, $53.99; Romwe.com | Colorlane Pullover, $59.99; Madwell.com | Tanya Taylor – Dorothy Sweater, $795.00; FarFetch.com

My Fall Essentials

My Fall Essentials

If I had any doubt that fall was here, this week erased all hope that sweaters and jackets were to become a permanent fixture in my wardrobe for the next several months. I’ll admit I’m looking forward to the leaves changing, and the dip in temperature does give me the chance to pick out my fall essentials.

[1] Everyone knows about the infamous leather jacket search – it takes you forever to find that perfect leather jacket. Thankfully a couple years ago, I unearthed mine, and I’ll forever be loyal to Michael Kors and his leather jackets for this reason. The unbelievably soft leather alone could make you invest in one of these, but the fit has me transfixed with it, making it my number one fall essential.

[2] I’ve got this newly developed habit of painting all of my nails on each finger the same color, with the exception of my ring finger. I love the hue of this Blue Boy Chanel polish and I have every intention of contrasting it with one big apple red nail on each hand. The lacquer is like a cross between the night and daytime sky, and my perfect go to shade for fall.

[3] Sweaters keep you warm when the weather isn’t on your side, but that doesn’t mean they get to be ugly. The dull knit red sweater from Weekday has a vintage quality that’s the perfect piece to build a color blocked ensemble around. It has just the right amount of slouch and it’s the perfect weight in knit, buying it in a few shades will get you through the fall and winter no problem.

[4] Come rain, snow, or sleet, a girl needs a bag she can tote around more than just a pair of sunglasses in. This cross-body bag from Fossil has a masculine air about it that makes it even more alluring when complimented by an ultra-feminine frock.

[5] Let’s get one thing straight, Palmer’s cocoa butter swivel sticks are the best thing since sliced bread, or whatever the best thing after that really was. It doesn’t matter what season it is, this stick is a girl’s best friend. From super soft lips to soothing dry skin, there’s nothing this jumbo sized lip balm looking tube can’t make right.

[6] I have an obsession with sea foam green skinny jeans, something about them is just plain hypnotic. I’ve owned a pair for longer than I can remember and from the moment I slip them on I’m a more alive version of myself (yeah I know that sounds silly, but they do something for me that no other piece in my wardrobe can).

[7] Fall means saying goodbye to flip flops and sandals, and what better way to say goodbye than to trade up to a pair of Frye Boots. From leggings to dresses, a pair of boots are the quintessential fall and winter favorite, and there’s no wonder why, they instantly autumn-ize ensembles with minimal effort.