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Pick of the Week: 03.10.11

MoccasinsMinnetonka – Kilty Suede Moccasins; Madwell.com, $39.95

It’s become utterly clear that I need another pair of moccasins. I don’t know what it is about New York city, but I’m convinced that the weather here only comes in extremes, hot and humid and cold and icy. I was sure my throat was going to freeze while I strolled down the street in a linen jacket that did nothing for me in terms of warmth. Over the last three days, presumably since the first of October hit, I’ve been craving my fall essentials, missing the pair of moccasins I destroyed last winter, and convinced that I need to buy a new pair.

The Fake Out: Wedge Sandals

One of these pieces is a mere $466.00 less than the other

Wedge SandalsWedge Sandals

We’ve been getting teasers of warm weather every now and then, and even though I’m a little bitter that the ground hog lied fashion isn’t letting me down. Wedge sandals are a summer staple and while I’m contemplating a trip to somewhere that has summer all year round these two pairs have got me under their spell. The taupe on natural pale shades of these espadrilles are sure to make my winter worn, faded skin look tanned, even if it is just an illusion. The almost golden shimmer of the wedge on the left makes me think I could pull off wearing these shoes somewhere without sand. The cute little tassel and severely strappy upper of the shoe on the right will are the perfect shoes for my next trip to Jamaica. I can just see myself right now, taking the road to Port Royal to have some of the best fish and festival in the world.

Which one costs more? Click the images to see if you’re right.