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Pick of the Week: 16.05.11

Dara Ettinger Disco Ball Rings

Dara Ettinger – Nadia Triangular Disco Ball Ring; $75.00, Cusp.

The glittery speckles on top of the psychedelic rainbow prism may just be my favorite out of all of these Dara Ettinger rings. What makes them appealing to me is that they’re slightly off kilter, rough around the edges in a way that’s totally just like me. They’re spectacular, from the square setting to the oval and to the triangle, I want one of each. Somehow they’re refined and delicate without being too polished and proper, they capture the essence of my persona.

The Fake Out: Amethyst Rings

One of these pieces is a mere $652.00 less than the other

The Fake Out: Amethyst RingsThe Fake Out: Amethyst Rings
Raw cuts wrapped in jagged metal or polished pieces set in gold, the purple hues of these amethyst rings are timeless and elegant. The only question is which one costs more. On the right, the polished amethyst stone ring is stackable with other stones in the collection, making it a little more versatile must-have. On the left is a piece I’d like to refer to as an amethyst in the rough, it’s undone and natural, and its raw beauty is so stunning that the flower on top isn’t even necessary although it does add a certain touch of delicacy.

Click the images to find out which one is which