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GQ’s Lady Gaga Paper Doll

GQ's Lady Gaga Paper Doll

I must say I love this! To celebrate the Monster Ball Tour on HBO GQ created a Gaga Paper Doll. With my latest obsession with the old school toy this couldn’t have come at a better time. Dress Gaga digitally with this interactive web paper doll. I myself would kind of like to make Gaga into Optimus Prime.

Fashion Sensory V

Fashion Sensory V

The Art: There’s this song by Corrine Bailey Rae called Paper Dolls that I’m positively in love with. It’s the kind of song that makes you want to stop in the middle of the street and start dancing. With Corinne’s melodic, raspy vocal talent this song isn’t just a good listen, it’s also a bit inspiring. No one ever expects much from a paper doll, they’re beautiful faces and bodies but nothing else – as this is the story of the retro toy some of us used to play with, such is the tale of the song. While it may be true that ‘nobody told me I could be something’ – that surely doesn’t mean I won’t be something. (check out the video below)

The Pieces: Paper dolls were popular in the sixties and this Tea Cup Fifties Dress with its divine floral print and corseted bodice – Mad Men – paper doll chic is alive and well. Adding a little contrast for a kick, the paper like texture of this Suno Tie Front Jacket is the perfect sort of literal take on the paper clothing that would have been attached to a paper dolls frame. I need not say anything else but the fact that I love these SUGAR Apricot Patent Mary Jane Platforms, they’re a classic silhouette in an amazing on-trend apricot hue.