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The Recap: Vampire Diaries 2.22 As I Lay Dying

As I Lay Dying

It’s been one rocky season and in true Vampire Diaries style, the body count mounted as we got through the season, right til the end.We’ve seen the hearts ripped right out of werewolves chests, immortal vampires come back from the dead, only to die again, new vampires come and go, our heroine’s sort of dead-beat biological father giving his life in a final act of heroics, and one of the original Vampire Diaries family take her leave from this world, only after turning into a Vampire herself (RIP Jenna). But, as usual, last night’s season finale left me with a few more questions than answers.

With a virtually tame Damon for most of this season who found solace in the arms of one lady or another, we can definitely say things ended up right where they should have been for him. The final kiss between Damon and Elena, was endearing, but not mushy. It wasn’t the passionate throw fans were probably expecting, but it will suffice, for now. As for Stefan, I think I’m a lot more interested in this so called ‘ripper’ Klaus described, than the lovesick, bleeding heart vamp we’ve become accustomed to. And for someone who gorged on human blood after being on a human-free diet just to save his brother, Stefan didn’t put up much of a fight when Klaus sent Katherine off to save Damon, even though he claimed she’d never get the cure to him. Stefan’s going to be over the deep end in season three, but won’t that make things more interesting?

The episode definitely gave me a couple throws, I knew that Damon wasn’t going to die, but when Jeremy was shot I admittedly could have been found screaming obscenities at the television. I knew Klaus would have made an appearance in the finale, but I was dreaming up the start of his vamp-wolf clan in my head, not that he’d be Damon’s savior. I kept asking myself, how did Elijah not realize that Klaus planned to kill him when he said he would “reunite” him with his family? I mean the phrase was so cryptic and it wasn’t exactly like Klaus was the picture of honor before that moment anyway.

With the threat of Klaus’ mega army looming on the horizon what can we hope will happen next season.

In theory I’d like Damon to discover where Klaus has been keeping his family members, and for him to un-stake them, bringing them back to life for an epic take down, although there’s still the matter to worry about Klaus being both wolf and vampire. I’d also like it if Elena and Damon got closer and Elena stopped fighting the fact that the older Salvatore brother isn’t really her second choice. Bonnie has a world of hurt coming for her, I was worried for a moment that Jeremy had become a vampire, but instead he seems to be haunted by the spirits of his former Vampire girlfriends. Loving a man that hot with two other women in the bed or relationship for that matter can make things extremely complicated. And could Vicki and Anna be coming back to Mystic Falls in season 3 for more than just a haunting? Caroline and Tyler ought to get together, and fast, besides Damon and Elena, that’s the relationship I most want to see unfold. I’d also like it if Caroline’s mother would just die already, but maybe everyone on The Vampire Diaries being parentless isn’t such a great idea.

There’s still that little matter of Elena becoming a vampire, will she or won’t she? If the books have anything to say about it she will, but as we all know, from experience (ahem… Gossip Girl) the television show rarely follows the same track as the book. Not to mention it’ll be more interesting to see Elena’s journey unfold in the state of the living.

The best quote of the night:

Katherine: “It’s okay to love them both… I did.”

The Recap: The Vampire Diaries 2.20 – The Last Day

The Last Day - Vampire Diaries

Every episode of Vampire Diaries leaves me with more questions than the last and last night didn’t disappoint. For starters, I’m a blistering wreck after Damon’s brush with werewolf Tyler. I mean there’s obviously a cure for a werewolf bite now right? Because I can tell you right now, if Vampire Diaries Season Three goes sans Damon, I will be instrumental in a bonafide mutiny.

With vampire blood coursing through Elena’s veins (courtesy of the older, hotter Salvatore Brother), I’d like someone to inform me as to when someone is going to tell Klaus to back the hell off. It’s my fine opinion that Elena shouldn’t be made into one of the undead until the end of the Vampire Diaries series (which should come as close to the end of time as possible). I’ve said it and last night even Damon said it; Elena and Katherine both being vampires, stretching on for eternity – not a good combo.

The secondary love triangle between Caroline, Matt and Tyler is back in full swing. But has Matt realized that if he killed all the supernatural people in his town he’d be left with no one? I’m delighted that there seems to be a bit of unfinished business between Tyler and Caroline, that I’m dying to see evolve in the next few episodes. Everything in Matt’s world is unraveling and the only thing he can do is stand there, like a deer in headlights with a rifle in tow. Not good enough.

The fact that this sun and moon curse was a hoax is one thing – but the fact that the real curse that this whole ritual lifts is Klaus’ and Klaus’ alone kind of makes me really angry. Next week he’ll be showing his fangs with a back up plan in place he’s got a tied up werewolf and… Surprise, Jenna’s the newest town vampire. I’d forgotten about her mortality to tell you the truth, but I guess it was only a matter of time before someone else turned vamp in good ol’ Mystic Falls.

By the end of the season, in true Vampire Diaries style – someone will die, the only question is who. Will they be vampire, human, witch or werewolf? Perhaps Jules will be the one to die and I’ll have little more than one tear to shed for that occasion. There are only two episodes left and as we’ve seen time and time again, anything can happen.

P.S. Was I the only one that thought lurking behind Elena’s ‘I don’t want to be a vampire whimper’ was an ‘I love Damon too’ whimper along with it? Me thinks there was, after all – in comparison, Stefan has proved to be a true failure when it comes to protecting the younger Petrova doppelganger. I’m sick of Stefan and Elena, dammit – I want Elena to kiss Damon!

The Recap: The Vampire Diaries 2.19 – Klaus

Damon Salvatore - Klaus Episode 2.19

Surprise: Klaus is here in the flesh. Elijah is back from the dead. And the sun and moon curse is fake. Did I miss anything?

Oh yeah, Elijah had a thing for Katherine – because who doesn’t fall for her really? AND, perhaps most importantly – Klaus is half vampire, half werewolf!
Now that we all know that the sun and moon curse was just a bunch of hullabaloo (err… the invention of Klaus’ wild imagination) what else is lurking behind the shadows, or in the fictional vampire book of history? It’s a little Resident Evil, but Klaus being half vampire half werewolf could prove quite interesting – he can’t be killed by the silver dagger after all. Secrets are oozing out of every crevice on The Vampire Diaries and the threat of a super race is enough to cause a hysteria we’re not likely to find again in this small town. I’ve been considering the effect Elena becoming a vampire may have on this situation, but I digress, I don’t think it’s going to happen (at least not yet).

In other news: what’s to become of Alaric and Jenna? If it were me in Jenna’s shoes, I’m not sure the rest of the season would give me enough time to process the undead living in my town and inhabiting the body of my significant other. If I haven’t expressed it already: I pretty much despise Caroline’s mother, and right now Matt’s on my sh*t list too – leaving the perfect opening for the lone wolf – Tyler to return and make amends for what happened before with Caroline. Bonnie and Jeremy are so cute it’s sickening, but I heard whispers of the possibility that she may end up with Damon. That would be tres interessant.

Was it just me or did Luca’s sister look a lot comfortable with Klaus, as if maybe she’s been working with him, instead of being held captive like we’ve been led to believe. Did I detect some trace of love from Elijah when discussing Katherine; perhaps the real Petrova doppelganger curse is more about how these two women have seemed to turn brother against brother time and time again. Speaking of which, Damon and Stefan are on the brink of a showdown that will be little less than cataclysmic. For now I’ll enjoy watching the storm brew in Damon’s (Ian Somerhalder) eyes, there’s something truly sexy about the way that man displays his restraint and passion.

The Recap: The Vampire Diaries – 2.17 Know Thy Enemy

The Vampire Diaries 'Know Thy Enemy'

After what seemed like an eternity The Vampire Diaries came back last night with surprises I never foresaw in my wildest dreams. We can always count on the fact that the body count in Mystic Falls is never quite steady, and TVD writers got right to it in ‘Know Thy Enemy’.

With the comings and goings being a weekly recurrence it’s about time we start keeping a weekly TVD supernatural toll:

-10 Points Vampire obsessed human turned vampire, Isobel suddenly displayed what seemed to be a soul seconds before bursting into literal flames after completing the mission Klaus compelled her to undertake. ( I kind of wish she was alive to see it roll out though)
+30 Points Original Vampire’s spirit bound to wreak all kinds of havoc on Mystic Falls, in the body of our favorite Vampire Slayer – Alaric Saltzman. (The biggest shock of the episode and the season thus far)
+10 Points John Gilbert with a heart, it seems he isn’t really the terrible excuse for a person we initially thought he was. Turns out he might actually be a decent guy. (Although technically not supernatural, it’s pretty damn miraculous)
-20 Points Katherine causing trouble, although I’m sure this version of Katherine is only temporary, as it always is – she’s one bad girl you can’t keep down. Klaus has captured her by compelling Isobel, but what’s more interesting is I’m starting to think he may actually kind of love her. (I don’t think we’ll miss her antics next week, but even the thought makes me a little sad)
+10 Points White witch? Up until now the witches have all been black, but the guy who did the whole two-soul-one-body-chanting thing seemed a little if not a lot witchy. (The two souls one body thing was actually pretty damn cool #thatisall)
+20 Points Package of ultimate power, care of Bonnie Bennett from the witches beyond the grave that were burned at the stake and what not. (It’s no surprise that this ‘gift’ could ultimately kill her)

There’s no telling whether good or evil won out in last night’s episode, but it was a pretty damn good one with 40 points on the plus side. It seems the mere mortals have their good versus evil turmoil to deal with.

Aside from all the crazy supernatural activities I’ve got to wonder what’s about to happen with Caroline, Matt and her mother dearest. Will Tyler come back and save her from what I can only describe as an impending unleashing of ultimate betrayal. Will Matt really betray her, and will her mother try to stake her?

What’s probably more important is, I can’t seem to figure out what’ll be happening to at the end of the season. With Bonnie now having the power to vanquish an ‘original’ and Elena planning to break the Sun & the Moon curse by sacrificing herself, we’ve got two martyrs in the making. Will both of Nina Dobrev’s characters be sporting fangs by the end of the season, or will the cataclysmic events pending create some other pivotal moment for another Mystic Falls resident.

Side Note: I’d like to see Matt as a vampire, he’s such a wimpy little baby otherwise, maybe being undead will add some life to him after all, it didn’t hurt Stefan (Paul Wesley) or  Damon (Ian Somerhalder).

The Recap: The Vampire Diaries Ep 2.4: Crying Wolf

The Vampire Diaries: Ep. 1.14 Crying Wolf

I’m still reeling from last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries. To recap: Bonnie and Jeremy kissed, Caroline and Tyler are officially over (leaving hope of any vamp-wolf babies in the dust), Damon’s using the reporter chick as an Elena decoy, Elena and Stefan play their usual boring lovey dovey selves, and the wolves are either dead or on the run thanks to Elijah (courtesy of his pact with Elena).

Side note: I’ll admit I’m in love with Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and I can’t quite understand why both Elena and Katherine both casted him aside in favor of the younger, less attractive Salvatore brother. Expect any coverage of TVD from now on to be tainted by that bias.

Surprise, surprise, Elijah plans to kill Elena, but as we all know, this can’t happen which leaves me to wonder, will Elena be a vampire by the end of this season, or will Damon be using John Gilbert’s original vamp killing formula to take down Elijah and Klaus. I have to admit I’m oddly satisfied with the current werewolf extinction, there’s only room for one supernatural clan in Mystic Falls (well two if we’re counting the witches and warlocks). On the other hand, I feel for Tyler and his lost wolf with no one to turn to situation, but as for Jules, she’s on my sh*t list for sending my love Damon over the existential crisis cliff. As for Bonnie and Jeremy, damn those two are hot, although I’m pretty sure this Luca kid is going to continue to throw a monkey wrench into their love affair’s program.

Next week is The Dinner Party and I’m predicting, in addition to delving into Stefan’s gory past with the Gilberts (as shown in the previews), we’ll be left to piece together what it is that Katherine, Isobel, and Daddy/Uncle John are plotting behind their back, watching Bonnemy’s romance flower and pick up on Caroline and Matt’s complicated star-crossed lover’s relationship. If we’re lucky we’ll be taken on a journey outside of Mystic Falls to find out exactly what Jules and Tyler are up to, but I have a feeling they won’t be back until Klaus shows up for moonstone curse showtime.