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Thai in the City: Lantern’s Drunken Noodles

Drunken Noodles from Lanter

I love drunken noodles, probably because they’re one of the spiciest things I can find on any given Thai menu. For my roommate’s birthday she had one request – “I want Thai in the city” – so after a little deliberation we headed to Lantern Thai. The cute and cozy spot sits on the corner of 2nd Ave and E 18th St, and the staff is beyond attentive.

I’ve been sampling this cities variations on drunken noodles since I got here and Lantern whipped up potentially the best drunken noodles ($10.00) ever. The tender noodles, chicken and veggies slathered in that oh so spicy and delectable chili and basil sauce sent me into food-gasmic heaven. As I sipped my ‘Muay Thai’ punch ($9.00, I’m a sucker for a good rum cocktail), each bite sent my taste buds on a new and exciting ride.

My roomie and her boyfriend raved about their tamarind salmon ($16.00) and red curry ($10.00) dishes respectively and my spring rolls were finger licking good, but it’s those drunken noodles that have me hankering to return to Lantern Thai extra soon.

Muay Thai Punch - Lantern Thai NYC

Lantern’s Signature Muay Thai Punch

Lantern Thai
311 Second Ave
New York, NY 10003
(no reservation between 7pm and 9pm)