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Brooklyn Brunching: Cafecito Bogota

Cafecito Bogota

I’d been dying to try this place Cafecito Bogota in Brooklyn, because I’d read somewhere or other about their Colombian Eggs Benedict. The Eggs Bolivarianos features Colombian salami instead of peameal bacon with two poached eggs on arepa halves with passion fruit sauce instead of hollandaise, sounds good right?

Well with one perfectly poached egg and the other wildly overcooked, I have to say I was disappointed with my meal’s main star. It didn’t help matters that the salami’s flavor was so strong, my arepas weren’t toasted and everything else needed salt (something I refuse to add to my food once it’s been cooked). The passion fruit sauce, Maracuya, it just didn’t have the pop of flavor that a passion fruit is supposed to have: wonderfully tangy and sweet, divinely delectable. The flavor composition just didn’t melt in my mouth the way I desperately wanted it to. At $15.50 for the entire brunch (even though their website menu says brunch is $14.50), my three glasses of passion fruit sangria were the best part of my meal. I’d go back for the cocktails perhaps, but I’d only eat there again if their chef learned the art of using a little salt or spice to better develop the flavors that simply fell flat on my cute banana leaf shaped plate.

Cafecito Bogota
1015 Manhattan Ave.
Greenpoint, Brooklyn 11222