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Makeup-Monday: Mod-Eyes

Let’s be clear, Edie Sedgwick may be the one famous for them, but Audrey Hepburn had them down pat – Mod Eyes.

To be frank, the smoky eye is getting boring and taking it back to a sixties classic always makes for a good change in pace. This makeup Monday inspiration comes from a set on Polyvore.com, so I dare you – just try and pull off-putting black eyeliner in the crease of your eye:

Dolled Up: Tropical Eyes

Dolled Up: Tropical Eyes Spring colors are making their way onto shelves and racks and I’m in love with the use of teal in Spring makeup. Teal is the perfect tropical color and it looks good on just about everyone, as long as you’ve got the guts to wear something a little less daring than brown, navy, or black eyeliner. Funnily enough, when I was in high school my school’s colors were teal and orange, a combination I couldn’t have hated more in those days, but have come to adore in the Estée Lauder shadow stick duo, the stick is called teal/pink, but the pink borders more on the side of orange.

Getting the Look:

Dolled Up: Tropical Eyes

    ■ Line your eyelid with a thick sweep of the teal end of the Limited Edition Estée Lauder Shadow Stick Duo in Teal/Pink, avoid putting any color into the inner corner of your eye.
    ■ Line the inner corner of your eye (both top and bottom) with the pink end of the shadow stick duo, overlapping a little bit of the pink on top of the teal.
    ■ Apply the pink end of the shadow stick duo to the crease of your eyelid from the inside to the outside of your eyelid.
    ■ Shade in underneath the crease with the orange shadow from the CoverGirl Tropical Fusion quad, and use the yellow as the highlight under your lid.
    ■ Apply Estée Lauder Sumptuous Extreme mascara for feathery full lashes, or use the mascara of your choice.
    ■ Curl your lashes for a glammed up finish.