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The Recap: Gossip Girl 4.22 The Wrong Goodbye

Blair and Chuck the Wrong Goodbye

Wild horses couldn’t have kept me from last night’s Gossip Girl season finale, but last night’s episode could have used a few wild horses of its own. Perhaps I’m simply way too used to the duplicity on the Upper East Side, but last night’s episode fell short of the kind of cliffhanger drama I’d come to expect from GG. Sure ‘Charlie’ isn’t really Charlie, but all that proves is that Lily’s sister Carol is as devious as the rest of them, as if anything less was expected. Did anyone else think that Serena sort of just floated around in the finale, like a loose end someone just forgot to tie up? Sure she had her own story line, but I really don’t care, it doesn’t relate to anyone else. Could this signal the makings of a spin-off, (although I’d never watch it) what’s to become of Serena Van der Woodsen?

I suppose the big cliffhanger was that Blair may be pregnant, but who’s to say that the darn thing wasn’t sitting in the trash for so long that it changed to a false positive. The ‘who’s the daddy?’ game may prove interesting for season five if she’s actually pregnant, I mean it could be Louis, Chuck or… (dare I say) Dan. Vanessa proved to be the true snake in grass we always knew she was, but what else can we expect from the true outsider. She’ll be off to Spain and out of the GG circle next season it seems, but what’s to become of ‘Inside,’ Dan’s allegedly brilliant novel (that I’d love to read and wish wasn’t just a part of the story line). Tick. Tick. BOOM! It sounds like Vanessa’s about to muddle up Dan’s life a bit, and his friendships will be called into question for all but one, which I’m guessing is Blair. Maybe Dan always loved Blair, or at least it was her acceptance that he was vying for this entire time. Acceptance he’s definitely earned this season.

Things I Loved About the Finale:
The moment at the alumni party when everyone clamored around Dan to figure out what to do next. He surely commanded their presence as he sent them scurrying off, one by one, oh so diplomatically. Queen B would have been proud.

When Raina Thorpe took down Russell I wasn’t just happy that Blair had been saved from the crazy man attempting to burn her alive. I was impressed by the bravado of the Upper East Side newcomer, Raina Thorpe (Tika Sumpter). I really hope they bring her back next season, without her I’m not sure what the hell to do with Nate, except look at him.

I kind of wish the cameo with Cecily von Ziegesar lasted a little longer than a two second, unimportant intro. I mean, the woman wrote the books that started Gossip Girl, her genius should have been recognized in that moment, perhaps even a hint at another book series or spin off would have been nicely placed in there.

What Chuck and Blair did after he rescued her from the clutches of Russell there were those moments where we were reminded of why we love Chuck and Blair so much. The scene at the Bar Mitzvah was one of those few glimpses of Blair’s childlike innocence that makes you love her even more. Then when Chuck bowed out of the fight for Blair’s heart, realizing how genuine her relationship with Louis is, it reminded me that there is an unselfish beating heart inside Chuck Bass after all.

Nevertheless, although last night’s episode was a little lackluster in the drama department, I look forward to seeing where everyone ends up come September. Here’s to the Lost Summer (and all the trouble it may bring)!

Sound Off: “Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty” Costume Institute Gala At The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

I expected a bit more drama from the guests of last night’s Met Gala, especially with the night being a tribute to Alexander McQueen’s Savage Beauty exhibit. Perhaps I expected too much because, while industry titans, taste makers and stars took to the red carpet I couldn’t help but feel a little underwhelmed.

I expected brilliance, ‘splendiforousness’ and all the wonder that come with names like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York Society, Anna Wintour, Vogue, and Alexander McQueen.

Christina Ricci in Zac PosenMy favorite gown of the night, this Zac Posen spider web dress is positively divine. It’s as if the Adams Family took to the high fashion world in a frock that embodies the Savage Beauty that the Met Gala was supposed to exhibit.

Andre Leon Talley & Anna WintourBlake Lively with Karl Lagerfeld

It may be Anna Wintour posing center stage in Chanel, but it’s definitely Andre Leon Talley that’s caught my eye. The Isabel Toledo cerulean blue cape has an outlandish quality and his facial expression takes the cake – his whole persona was perfectly in tune with the drama that the Met Gala is supposed to encourage. As for Blake Lively, between the strawberry blond locks and the Chanel couture gown that manages to conceal all of her assets, I just couldn’t understand it, at the very least I can usually expect something that deserves a closer look – this does not.

Leighton MeesterI didn’t much care for her Louis Vuitton corset dress to be honest, but there was this sort of startling resemblance to Audrey Hepburn in Leighton Meester last night that I can’t take my eyes off of her. From the moment I saw her in the first episode of Gossip Girl, I knew the casting director made the right choice.

In other news, here were the hits from last night’s foray onto the red carpet:

Matthew Williamson Wishes the Fashion World Would Quit Fussing About Kate Middleton… & Other News

  • Racy photos of Vanessa Hudgens have surfaced again, and this time she and Alexa Nikoas are kissing and grabbing boobs. — BuzzFeed
  • I cannot stop laughing my proverbial ass off at the promo video for the Friends With Benefits (aka No Strings Attached 2.0), it’s like deja vu but better, starring Mila Kunis & Justin Timberlake. — Perez Hilton
  • Matthew Williamson slights the soon to be princess Kate Middleton, and says what some of the fashion world has already been thinking, her style isn’t special – it’s perfectly ordinary. — The Cut
  • Green Beer, Clovers & the luck of the Irish make these St. Patty’s Day makeup tips perfect for tomorrow’s festivities. – Bella Sugar
  • In love with spring’s floral prints?? They may not be ground breaking — but I’m particularly bewitched by Leighton Meester in Emanuel Ungaro. Check the trend. — Alexa

Getting the Look: Inside Leighton Meester’s February 2011 Nylon Editorial

Getting the Look: Leighton Meester's February 2011 Nylon Cover

After the insane snowpocalypse of the winter season my mail finally made it to my door and along with it my was February issue of Nylon that the mailman stuffed in a plastic bag for me. As per usual when receiving a magazine with the lovely Leighton Meester on the cover I flipped right past the staple stories and delved straight into the latest lowdown on Ms. Meester. She’s so down to earth it should be sickening but every article I read about her never gets old, nor does the fashion that accompanies it. My favorite shot from the editorial spread was ripe for spring picking, and with the weather the way it is, this is the closest way to a girl can dream that I’ll get while wide awake. While I’m coveting the mustard yellow Chloé dress Leighton rocks, it’s still winter and most of the Spring Summer 2011 collections are either still being sewn or sitting in storage rooms waiting for the weather or at least the time of year to improve. The almost nude peach Dolce & Gabbana backless silk chiffon dress has the same billowy flow of the Chloé frock without coming on strong with next season’s color palette. Pulling winter’s love for layers into the next season gets even better with the Dorothy Perkins cream lace crocheted waistcoat and an ASOS mustard yellow leather waist belt. Add in one part Alexander McQueen studded boots, one part extra long vintage Chanel necklace, a chain layered necklace and a few doses of House of Harlow 1960 14kt Aztec bangles for good measure. Voila! You’ve got an outfit fit for Nylon’s latest cover girl or yourself.