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Fashion Sensory VI

Fashion Sensory VIThe Art: I’m pretty much obsessed with this Josephine Baker shot, not that I could ever pull off the banana skirt myself. Josephine’s sex appeal is exuded in everything from her dance like pose to her flapper cropped hair, not to mention her topless, banana skirt clad body. I think I’ve looked at this image a million times, but I’d like to blow it up on a canvas.

The Piece: It’s the closest I’ll ever get to wearing a banana skirt or else it’s Halloween. I can calm down a little because it’s a bracelet, so a wardrobe malfunction is totally out of the picture. It’s like a small symbolic tribute to one of the greatest style icons that’s ever bewitched me. I can thank Michelle Lowe-Holder for the beautiful but demure cop out that I’ve found in the small gold folded cuff.