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Peruvian Treasures

Peruvian Turquoise Earrings from Illaria

On my most recent trip, I ventured out into South America for the first time. I spent nine incredible days in Peru that I will never forget and I brought back a little treasure (and a few lot of other souvenirs).

I was looking for a gift for my little sister’s high school graduation, and my cousin recommended a jewelry company called Illaria. They specialize in silver and everything is handmade in Peru. After a day filled with scouring the markets and eating guinea pig (yes, I ate that — they call it “cuy”), I visited an Illaria boutique on my last night in Cusco.

The store gleamed, reflecting light as if everything in there was made of silver. It didn’t take very long to spy the perfect necklace for my sister, tucked away in the last display at the back of the store. It was now time to find something for me. Somewhere along the way I’d spied these green stones in numerous different pieces. Little did I know they were Peruvian turquoise. Now for those who don’t know, I have a borderline problematic obsession with turquoise. Peruvian turquoise is different, darker and somehow richer. I had to have it. I tried on earring after earring, looking for the perfect pair. The sales associate pulled out the tray of additional items that weren’t on display, and there they were. I’d found myself little Peruvian treasures.

P.S. Cuy tastes like a cross between chicken and pork, it was seasoned beautifully, it was a little hard to get the meat off, but I enjoyed it immensely.

Pick of the Week: 10.10.11

Pick of the Week: 10.10.11

My Bench Necklace – Yael & Tal; Boticca.com, $92.00

I gravitate to strange necklaces, I live for the slightly off beat and eye catching pendants that don’t necessarily fit the average persona. Although I’m currently wearing a woman’s torso around my neck, I’d be willing to trade it in for a while for this cutesy bench with a person on it necklace that reminds me of a swing set.

Pick Three: Etro

Pick Three: Etro
It’s no wonder Etro started out as a textile house in the sixties, their use of prints and color is exactly what a color junkie like me lives for. The Italian family business now creates some of the most stunning accessories and ready to wear pieces with a la vie boheme sort of aesthetic. Etro is a label developed around on trend pieces that employ facets of vibrant color, it’s intense and bold. These picks speak to all of the ways that Etro has perfected its fashion perspective, some have a beauty that you notice immediately, others require a little time for their beauty to really sink in.


Saffron Wide Leg Pants;
I’m totally on board for the high-waisted wide-leg trend, but I hate getting bogged down with blacks and grays and other mundane pant colors. I’ve never loved wide leg pants more and the saffron color is so rich and vibrant I’m bewitched.
Available at ShopBop.com for $1,000.00.


Paisley and Spot Print Scarf;
I’m obsessed with scarves, my collection borders on obscene, and half the time I wear them around the house just to feel like I’m one of the characters on Mad Men. This scarf shows off the intricacy that Etro has perfected for over forty years.
Available at FarFetch.com for $533.00.


Hammered Gold Plated Cuff;
It’s industrial and chunky, I love the way that they stack. This piece single handedly proves that Etro has mastered its relatively new foray into jewelry. It would be cool to wear this cuff on bare arms or on top of a long sleeved chiffon blouse.
Available at Net-a-Porter.com for $375.00.

The Fake Out: Amethyst Rings

One of these pieces is a mere $652.00 less than the other

The Fake Out: Amethyst RingsThe Fake Out: Amethyst Rings
Raw cuts wrapped in jagged metal or polished pieces set in gold, the purple hues of these amethyst rings are timeless and elegant. The only question is which one costs more. On the right, the polished amethyst stone ring is stackable with other stones in the collection, making it a little more versatile must-have. On the left is a piece I’d like to refer to as an amethyst in the rough, it’s undone and natural, and its raw beauty is so stunning that the flower on top isn’t even necessary although it does add a certain touch of delicacy.

Click the images to find out which one is which

Pick of The Week: 14.02.11

Pick of The Week: 14.02.11

Lapis Teardrop Earrings; $790.00, MaxandChloe.com

Seven carats of lapis surrounded by 0.35 carats of diamonds encased in 14 karat gold makes for one hypnotic pair of earrings. They’re the color of the eyes you wish your significant other had, the deep blue of the ocean reminiscent of the Hope diamond without the whole curses and bad luck thing behind them. Breathtakingly gorgeous, I’m in bona fide lust with these rocks, they’ll look great with any style – from an updo to long billowing waves of tresses and what’s more, I’m now aching for a trip to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History.

Leona Lewis is Back! & Hotter Than Ever

Outfit Anatomy: Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis premiered a new look on the red carpet at “An Unforgettable Evening” Benefiting EIF’s Women’s Cancer Research Fund (we’ll ignore the bow and lips looks she rocked two days before). I always thought Leona Lewis was gorgeous, and having a British accent and amazing voice to boot made her even more attractive, but I never saw this coming. While the jury is still out on the nose job debate, normally we’d thank the hands of stylist for this new look but sources say Leona made this ensemble herself. The teal brassiere top and royal purple floor length skirt gives just the tiniest amount of torso skin, with an amped up amount of cleavage that is positively scrumptious. With style like this and a voice like hers, Beyonce might need to watch her back. Leona’s third album is expected later this year and the wait is now officially killing me.

Outfit Anatomy:

One Part Bustier. Our version – Missoni Bustier Top, Boutique1.com

One Part Floor Length Skirt. Our version – Tucker Long Flowy Skirt, ShopBop.com

Two Parts Nicky Hilton Rings. One Domed Spike, Amazon.com. One Spike Ring with Cubic Zirconia Spikes, Amazon.com

One Part Oxidized Silver Bangle. Our version – Vintage Diamante Snake Hinged Bangle Bracelet (Antique Silver), Avalaya.com

One Part Buckle Bangle. Our version – Stylish Retro 1940′s Fold Over Buckle Bracelet, RubyLane.com