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Vivienne Westwood Isn’t Inspired By The Future… & Other News


  • Justin Bieber got a haircut. Say goodbye to the boy bangs, at least for now; we’re sure they’ll be back. –The Gloss
  • The theory behind the Church of Sex is that God loves sex; a theory that the laws of nature and procreation really can’t refute. As for these promo ads – you be the judge. — Jezebel
  • Judge grants Chris Brown permission to contact Rihanna, as long as he doesn’t harass, molest, or annoy her. — PopEater
  • Vivienne Westwood talks the Royal Family and what seems to be a dim view of the future thanks to the world that is crumbling down around us. — HuffPo
  • Five days left to book a stay at the Palazzo Manfredi for a Italian escapade. — Vacationist