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Shots I Love: Moment of Inspiration

Moment of InspirationI’m not completely sure why I love this shot so much. It’s just so delicate and beautiful. There’s no denying that there’s been a lot of hype about hats with the rise of the Royal Wedding, but now that it’s over I’m still coveting them. This photo inspires a refinement and poise that isn’t too stuffy. The beige satin underlay and frilly white bloomers with the crisp creamy white dress is a little angelic but terribly sexy. I desperately want to know what she’s looking at, and what’s more important is – I want that turban-ish pom pom of a hat.

Pick of The Week: 07.02.11

Pick of the Week: 02.07.11

Striped Grass Fedora – in Slate; $38.00 Anthropologie.com.

Fedoras remind me of swing dancing, vintage stores and a time when I wasn’t alive. Hats don’t get as much play on this side of the world as they did in generations passed, or else we’re talking about beanies and winter wear. From Humphrey Bogart to Indiana Jones, fedoras have evoked a masculine style perfect for adding a little androgynous style to an otherwise feminine look.