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John Galliano Jailed for Spewing Racial Slurs… & Other News

Beyonce Blackface

  • VIDEO: John Galliano makes number one on our shit-list after his ‘I love Hitler’ proclamation. Does this spell the demise of Dior? — Jezebel
  • Google caught a bug that happened to erase the inboxes of over 150,000 people. Thank the cyber gods we weren’t in that bunch. — Nerve
  • Photos from the Beyonce’s blackface spread in L’Officiel Paris have surfaced, controversy worthy? or beautiful? This just might be both. — Coco & Creme
  • Kid Cudi’s planning to launch a new label after tweeting the dissolve of the record label – “Dream On”. — MTV
  • Invitations to the Royal Wedding of Kate and William are being sold to the highest bidder on the black market. Just where is this so called ‘black market’ and where can we get access. — Vanity Fair