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Coveted Deeply

Coveted Deeply: 27.03.11

[1] I’m not a fan of leopard print anything, but the vintage appeal of this swimsuit makes it something I’ve fallen in love with unexpectedly. The structured sweetheart neckline and black elastic belt at the waist of this Lanvin leopard suit is (dare I utter these words when referencing leopard print) — sexy.

[2] Nothing says spring quite like tulips and while taking care of these bulbs when gardening can take quite a bit of work this little tulip usb cluster is an attractive tech-savvy gadget, great for plugging in my mouse, digital camera, external drive, and BlackBerry, along with anything else I need to plug in (see #4).

[3] I have a borderline obsessive attraction to rings, and my obsession with turquoise has past the ‘boderline’ with no hope or want of return. I especially love cameo rings so this Tagliamonte – 18 karat gold ring is at the top of my lust list. The pop of turquoise in the etched mother of pearl is truly extraordinary.

[4] I’m going gaga for spring flowers and Cherry Blossoms are kind of kismet appreciation for nature, after everything that’s happening in Japan. This Cherry Blossom Flip Camera is so cute, compact and a totally covet-worthy. It’s super girly, but for some reason I don’t mind, because I seriously love Cherry Blossoms.

[5] Wide leg pants are back and better than ever, and curvy girls like me can now find solace in cloaking our hips in these apricot wide leg trousers. What makes these pants so appealing is that they aren’t black, brown or navy, the kind of burnt orange, apricot hue of these trousers makes them work so much better than any neutral ever could. I just want them.