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Fashion’s Dirty Little Secret

“If I wanted to be in an innovative industry, I wouldn’t pick fashion.”

The dirty secret of fashion is that there is nothing new. I suppose the cool thing is how we re-invent it, but when people act like something’s so new and fresh in fashion, they immediately lose me. If I wanted to be in an innovative industry, I wouldn’t pick fashion. On the other hand, I’d pick fashion if I wanted to be a historian with creative liberties. I’ve kept a skeptical eye on fashion week this season in NYC, because I honestly haven’t been that interested. More and more it seems the more things change the more they stay the same. This season (like the last) is all about contrasts, and I’m beginning to think that’s the trick to fashion in general. Call it fusion, contrasts, or a blending of complete opposites, it’s all the same concept – they all mean the same thing. Whether it’s pulling together two different styles like leather and lace (circa Alexander Wang Spring Summer 2013) or playing with different eras by pairing vintage with more contemporary pieces. Fashion is fusion, and I say that knowing that that’s both simple and complex because fashion has such a rich history of ideas to pull from.

Yeah I Said It: Idris Elba, Dwayne Wade & Carmelo Anthony at the Giorgio Armani Menswear SS 2012

Okay so I have to say this, short and sweet: Idris Elba is one fine specimen of a man. Seen here at the Giorgio Armani Menswear Spring Summer 2012 show with Dwayne Wade, Carmello Anthony and Giorgio Armani himself. Aside from the fact that Wade could use a facial peel, since I’m not sure what the heck that is on his forehead, and Carmelo Anthony’s trousers seem to be a little ill-fitting. Between Idris and Dwayne’s smiles I’m a little more than smitten. But as for Idris, in the words of that VH1 show, Single Ladies, that I’m now dubbing a guilty pleasure, “He could get it.”