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Pick of the Week: 06.02.12

Mayan Skull Green Moon Earrings

Mayan Skull Green Moon Earrings – Terra Moda Designs; Boticca.com, $60.00

The thing about these earrings is that they possess an air that’s sort of delicate yet savage. The proof is in the details, from the little skull elements to the beading and the moon shaped Brazilian jade – it gestures toward a primal instinct. I envision myself on a beach somewhere in a wrap skirt, with my hair wrapped in a scarf on top of my head with these dangling from my ears for a raw yet regal look.

Pick of the Week: 17.10.11

Pick of the Week: 17.10.11

Terra Couture Earrings, by Dori Csengeri; CharmandChain.com, $425.00

I was hypnotized by a kaleidoscope a few days ago, and when I spied these earrings the enchantment was more than just a parallel. The Dori Csengeri Terra Couture Earrings are pieces to covet deeply. With all of the embroidered contours and colorful fabric, my eyes are transfixed on them moving from color to color.

The Fake Out: Tassel Earrings

One of these pieces is a mere $346.00 less than the other

The Fake Out: Tassel EarringsThe Fake Out: Tassel Earrings

Natalie Portman’s purple beaded ball and tassel earrings from the Oscars has made these trendy vintage inspired accessory a must-have in so many variations. From pearls to crystal these pairs of tassel earrings possess a certain level of elegance that isn’t marked by gaudy baubles. Whether your preference lies with a bunch of threads or beaded strings, and a crystal bow or a faux pearl, these picks are glamorous yet not too flashy, everything a girl could ask for in a dangling earring.

Click the images to find out which one is which

Pick of The Week: 14.02.11

Pick of The Week: 14.02.11

Lapis Teardrop Earrings; $790.00, MaxandChloe.com

Seven carats of lapis surrounded by 0.35 carats of diamonds encased in 14 karat gold makes for one hypnotic pair of earrings. They’re the color of the eyes you wish your significant other had, the deep blue of the ocean reminiscent of the Hope diamond without the whole curses and bad luck thing behind them. Breathtakingly gorgeous, I’m in bona fide lust with these rocks, they’ll look great with any style – from an updo to long billowing waves of tresses and what’s more, I’m now aching for a trip to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History.