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Spoils of Style: $23.99 – DKNY Coat

I come from a long line of women who can shop, and when I say shop, I mean shop on a budget. My mother trained me well, so much so she says I shop better than her because I get bigger labels for less than she ever did.  These are the real spoils of style, the things you discover that are simply too good to be true, but true nonetheless. I got my Chloe sunglasses for less than a fraction (quarter) of the suggested retail price and I’m very proud of that.

The DKNY Coat - $23.99

My latest find was a $23.99 DKNY Coat. I’m sad Daffy’s is going out of business, but I’m not the type to pass up a major sale – because you just can’t beat a $24 coat! I rifled through all the racks with my usual precision and found the DKNY tweed coat, moved my fingers down the sleeve to the price tag, calculated the additional discount and quickly tried it on. It fit, but there was one little hitch, there was a small rip in the seam. Long story short, I bought the coat and another one (golden camel, Tommy Hilfiger ‘duffle’ coat for $72). Being the grand-daughter of a seamstress meant that instead of putting it down, I decided I’d do a quick loop stitch to fix it when I got home (see below). Lesson: You don’t pass up a $24 DKNY Coat…DKNY Coat