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The Way the Cookie Crumbled (The Macaron Edition)

Pierre Herme Macarons

Before Blair Waldorf introduced every Gossip Girl fan to this French confection, a small patisserie on Queen St in Toronto called Nadège gave me my own introduction. I’ll have to discuss my favorite Canadian French Patisserie in more detail some other time, because it definitely deserves a post of its own. Known to some as a macaroon, known to the French as a macaron, the egg white, almond paste cookie sandwich is among my favorite of French things (others include the men, fashion, and the Seine).

“[Pierre Hermé] A genius beyond measure”

Upon my recent birthday trip to Paris I was on a mission to enjoy Blair Waldorf’s favorite version of these cookies. After all, if it’s good enough for Blair, it’s good enough for me. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case. I’d heard wonderful things about Ladurée, but I’d somehow managed to spoil it for myself by visiting Pierre Hermé first. A genius beyond measure with particularly posh store fronts, Pierre Hermé and his desserts are the delightful sort of thing dreams are made of. As the servers picked up their PH monogrammed tongs and carefully placed each macaron into the bag, I had no idea what I was about to experience. I’d happily pack on twenty pounds if they were gained consuming his mogador macarons, a passion fruit and chocolate cookie that is beyond incredible.

The very next day, I ventured to Ladurée, expecting the same sort of wonderful experience I’d received at PH. Sadly, this was not the case. The server violently crammed the beautiful, and let me remind you delicate, cookies into a bag. Stunned, I watched the cookies crumble, not entirely, but enough to detract from this new favorite experience of mine. My sister and I returned to our hotel room and propped ourselves up on our beds, ready to devour these macarons, Blair’s favorite, in the same manner we had the day before. we inspected the coconut cookies, although cracked still delicious looking, we took our now ritualized first bite in unison. I don’t know why it wasn’t as magical, but the coconut filling was too sweet and the cookie itself not as perfect.

I think it was then I realized that Pierre Hermé had likely ruined all other macarons for me. So much so that I’m still nursing the box I brought home, contemplating if I should only eat half a cookie.

The Recap: Gossip Girl 4.22 The Wrong Goodbye

Blair and Chuck the Wrong Goodbye

Wild horses couldn’t have kept me from last night’s Gossip Girl season finale, but last night’s episode could have used a few wild horses of its own. Perhaps I’m simply way too used to the duplicity on the Upper East Side, but last night’s episode fell short of the kind of cliffhanger drama I’d come to expect from GG. Sure ‘Charlie’ isn’t really Charlie, but all that proves is that Lily’s sister Carol is as devious as the rest of them, as if anything less was expected. Did anyone else think that Serena sort of just floated around in the finale, like a loose end someone just forgot to tie up? Sure she had her own story line, but I really don’t care, it doesn’t relate to anyone else. Could this signal the makings of a spin-off, (although I’d never watch it) what’s to become of Serena Van der Woodsen?

I suppose the big cliffhanger was that Blair may be pregnant, but who’s to say that the darn thing wasn’t sitting in the trash for so long that it changed to a false positive. The ‘who’s the daddy?’ game may prove interesting for season five if she’s actually pregnant, I mean it could be Louis, Chuck or… (dare I say) Dan. Vanessa proved to be the true snake in grass we always knew she was, but what else can we expect from the true outsider. She’ll be off to Spain and out of the GG circle next season it seems, but what’s to become of ‘Inside,’ Dan’s allegedly brilliant novel (that I’d love to read and wish wasn’t just a part of the story line). Tick. Tick. BOOM! It sounds like Vanessa’s about to muddle up Dan’s life a bit, and his friendships will be called into question for all but one, which I’m guessing is Blair. Maybe Dan always loved Blair, or at least it was her acceptance that he was vying for this entire time. Acceptance he’s definitely earned this season.

Things I Loved About the Finale:
The moment at the alumni party when everyone clamored around Dan to figure out what to do next. He surely commanded their presence as he sent them scurrying off, one by one, oh so diplomatically. Queen B would have been proud.

When Raina Thorpe took down Russell I wasn’t just happy that Blair had been saved from the crazy man attempting to burn her alive. I was impressed by the bravado of the Upper East Side newcomer, Raina Thorpe (Tika Sumpter). I really hope they bring her back next season, without her I’m not sure what the hell to do with Nate, except look at him.

I kind of wish the cameo with Cecily von Ziegesar lasted a little longer than a two second, unimportant intro. I mean, the woman wrote the books that started Gossip Girl, her genius should have been recognized in that moment, perhaps even a hint at another book series or spin off would have been nicely placed in there.

What Chuck and Blair did after he rescued her from the clutches of Russell there were those moments where we were reminded of why we love Chuck and Blair so much. The scene at the Bar Mitzvah was one of those few glimpses of Blair’s childlike innocence that makes you love her even more. Then when Chuck bowed out of the fight for Blair’s heart, realizing how genuine her relationship with Louis is, it reminded me that there is an unselfish beating heart inside Chuck Bass after all.

Nevertheless, although last night’s episode was a little lackluster in the drama department, I look forward to seeing where everyone ends up come September. Here’s to the Lost Summer (and all the trouble it may bring)!

Pick of the Week: 04.04.11

Pick of the Week: 04.04.11

Rodarte x Opening Ceremony – Deep Pleated Skirt; $518.00, Barneys.com

I love the texture of this skirt, don’t let the crinkled stamp fool you, I’m pretty sure the pleats will still require ironing. The full skirt will most definitely bounce while I walk, it’s preppy and chic, something Blair Waldorf would wear. Not to mention it’s ultra flirty so dressing it down with something a little masculine like a leather jacket and boots will make for a fashion risk and putting on stockings and pumps with a chiffon blouse to dress it up will work really well.

The Recap: Gossip Girl 4.17 Empire of the Son

Empire of the Son - Dair

Talk about a dramatic close and comedic relief courtesy of the fabulous Dorota, last night’s episode of Gossip Girl was perfection. Everything that’s been looming in the foggy Gossip Girl horizon hit the Upper East Side pavement and went ‘Splat!’

We’d all been sitting and wondering when, if ever, would Blair and Dan ever turn their adorable little movie buddy friendship into something more – thanks to last night’s lip lock and the preview following the episode we have our answer. Blair and Dan are about to enter into a love affair that’s bound to drive Serena and Chuck over the edge. (Especially considering that their former love interests are about to come running to them for solace)

Serena’s love life took a nosedive along with her mother’s freedom, and I can’t say I feel sorry for her, maybe this time she’ll learn to survive without a significant other, then again that’s not likely. It seemed a little odd that as soon as Lily took responsibility for her actions Ben decided it was time to skip out on Serena, but I’m not complaining because his character really wasn’t all that fun.

Chuck’s daddy issues are going to send him through a whirlwind of emotions, and only time will tell how bad the fallout will be when Raina discovers the truth about her mother and Bart Bass. While Chuck lost Raina to the dazzling wit and good looks that are Nate Archibald, his world came crashing down and Chuck had nowhere to run but into Blair’s arms, it’s jut too bad they’re currently occupied.

On another note I’ve kind of missed Vanessa, and with William Van der Woodsen strolling into town, with Cece not far behind, there’s really no telling how explosive these relationships are about to become. The Upper East Side is poised for a catastrophic fallout but we’ll have to wait until April to see it all come crumbling down.


DOROTA: Your new secrecy, calmness with Mr. Chuck, supporting Miss Serena’s new boyfriend. And last week I find NOVA documentary in your Netflix queue!

BLAIR: What are you doing in my queue?!

DOROTA: You and Lonely Boy are having affair!

P.S. Long Live Dair (that’s Dan + Blair for those of you that haven’t clued in)

The Recap: Gossip Girl 4.15: It-Girl Happened One Night

The Recap: Gossip Girl 4.15: It-Girl Happened One NightAlthough I highly doubt Blair Waldorf would be caught dead purchasing chocolates from Duane Reade come Valentine’s Day I was admittedly pleased with last night’s episode of Gossip Girl. Relationships are blossoming right before our eyes but it’s only a matter of time before the Upper East Side heats up. The sex scenes have been few and far between and I’m a little nauseated by Serena lip lock show we’re continually being exposed to. Save for Raina and Chuck’s dalliance, nothing on the UES has been quite so sensual, but not even Chuck had a Happy Valentine’s day even after all the trouble he went to to create his Venetian Fantasy Palace of Love.

As for Blair’s scheming, that I can never get enough of, so what’s next for Queen B? I’d prefer if that budding friendship with Lonely Boy turned into more than a friendship instead her going on a rampage to destroy Chuck and Raina, although something tells me that’s what’s about to happen. By the way, that split screen Blair and Dan phone watching Rosemary’s Baby was just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen either of the two characters do on the show that didn’t come off as cheesy or completely unrealistic (ahem Chuck flying all over the world for Blair’s favorite items). As for Raina, there’s a lot more to Tika Sumpter’s new character than meets the eye, and hopefully we’ll get to understand her a lot more as the rest of the season progresses, rumor has it she’s not leaving the Upper East Side anytime soon. Nate’s been relegated to his usual role as the sidekick, and an explosive situation is on the horizon for Eric thanks to Damien but I can’t quite shake the feeling that grenades are lying in what seems like picture perfect sand.

Thus far the most interesting plot lines that have yet to develop seem to be: Battling for Bass (Industries). Conquering Conde Nast (err. W). Blackmail with a capital D for Drugdealer and Damien.