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SOS Confession: The Nail-Biter

Zoya in "Cynthia"
I’m 24 years old and I bite my nails. It’s a horrid habit, and don’t even get me started on the germ factor (magnified exponentially by the fact that I live in NYC). Between my sister, my best friend and I, there’s enough nail polish to make a girl go gaga. So why do I bite my nails to the point where I can barely paint them? I have absolutely no idea.
Needless to say, this nail biting habit of mine needs to stop. It’s my stress-coping mechanism, so it’s going to be hard. I can’t use those pepper spray, cayenne pepper remedies because – to be quite honest – when my parents tried to get me to stop sucking my thumb, none of that stuff worked. It’s going to be a mind over matter kind of thing. Last year I tried forking over $35+ every two weeks for gel manis – that only lasted so long… I’m going to paint my nails consistently and see what that does because I’m getting increasingly mani conscious.
This week’s polish – Zoya in “Cynthia”, layered over the Sally Hansen “Hard as Nails – Hard as Wraps” acrylic gel, top coat – OPI “RapiDry.”

The Beauty of… the perfect pout

BITE Red Lipstick in "Blood Orange"

On a regular day, I don’t wear makeup, I’m lucky if I even remember to moisturize. (Cardinal beauty sin, I know.) Every now and again I get myself into a beauty habit, it usually lasts until I realize I can squeeze out an extra ten minutes of sleep if I stop primping in the mirror.

One year, I felt particularly pale and felt the need to add a bit of color with bronzer. Another year I grew quite fond of the eye-widening powers of white eyeliner. Little known fact, black eyeliner on the inner rim of the bottom lid accentuates almond shaped eyes. Last year, I rekindled a love affair with Estée Lauder’s Sumptuous Extreme mascara.

These days I’m in love with a tube of matte red lipstick. My new lacquer of choice is “Rich Red” from Max Studio, similar here.

March Madness: NARS Consultations at the Whittemore House Salon

The Whittemore House Salon

Jealous of the models from fashion week, or the Academy Award attendees that got all dolled up with NARS?

It’s just your (and my) luck that NARS is partnering with the Whittemore House Salon to celebrate the opening of the flagship location on Bleecker Street. Makeup consultations with NARS makeup artists will be available every Friday and Saturday for the entire month of March. Figuring out how to pull off spring makeup trends with guidelines from NARS professionals sounds a slice of heaven. The acclaimed Whittemore House Salon’s stylist work with the likes of Zooey Deschanel, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Mandy Moore.

It’s time to do some Spring cleaning, starting with updating your look, and there’s no better excuse than an opportunity to  get a makeup consultation, including a custom face chart and a VIP card that’ll give you 30% off at the new NARS boutique on Bleecker St.  You’ll need to book your consultation in advance, so start dialing the Whittemore House.

Whittemore House
45 Grove Street
New York, NY 10014
(212) 242-8880

Offer valid throughout March, Friday (12:00pm) and Saturday (10:30am)