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Obsession Feeding: Andy Warhol for Incase

Andy Warhol for IncaseFor those who don’t know, I’m obsessed with Andy Warhol. I tote around a small duffel bag in army green shades of the Flowers painting everytime I travel against all reason when a roll-a-board bag would be so much simpler (not to mention less strenuous). These Andy Warhol for Incase cases are making me wish I owned an iPhone or that they made them for BlackBerry’s. Anything the Andy Warhol foundation lends their namesakes’ craft to is usually a must-have for me. Never fear, I’m certifiably #TeamBlackBerry, but an iPad may be in my near future and one of these would be the perfect accompaniment.

Christopher Lee Sauvé Put Anna Wintour in a Can

Christopher Lee Sauve

An Andy Warhol pop art can that is…

Anna Wintour’s the most iconic editrix in the history of magazines as far as the modern fashion world is concerned, so iconic that she’s officially been immortalized in Andy Warhol-esque pop art t-shirts. Christopher Lee Sauvé has taken the style icon’s mugs, along with a few choice fashion world giants such as André Leon Talley, Karl Lagerfeld, and Donatella Versace,  and channeled them into a customizable collection I can’t get enough of. Anna’s claimed on more than one occasion that she was a vintage tee and jeans kind of girl in her youth, but I doubt she’ll be caught wearing her own (C)Anna Wintour tee these days. Sauvé’s also adapted the faces of pop culture darlings like Betty White, Madonna, Marylin Monroe, Elvis, and Britney Spears.  Pick a shirt, bag, dog sweater, or a pair of tighty-whities and then select a saying or iconic face to be screened onto it – this could get really perverse if we’re not careful.