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Amy. Amy. Amy. Rest in Peace

RIP Amy Winehouse

Those who know me are likely aware of my love for Amy Winehouse. Despite her bouts with addiction, her raspy voice set to music has brought me through many life experiences. I’ve dressed up as her for Halloween — complete with eyeliner and beehive poof — and caught myself belting out (at an obnoxious decibel) the lyrics to ‘Take the Box,’ ‘Rehab,’ and ‘ You Know I’m No Good’ just to name a few. So it goes without saying that her crazy but talented bony behind will be missed.

Every artistic genius has their vice, and while I have yet to find mine, Amy Winehouse knew hers all too well. It brings me great pain to have to state that, at the age of 27, the Frank Sinatra loving woman after my own heart is dead. While I mourn the loss of one of my favorite artists, my best friend bellows in the background, “she killed herself.” My response: artists often find themselves grappling with an addiction that allows them to harness their gifts, it also usually takes their life. Maybe my boss had a point when he said “if you’re going to be a legend, you can’t live past 27.” Tonight I pour a glass for Amy, may she rest in peace.

What’s your fave Amy Winehouse song?

Amy Winehouse is Back [& Sober]… & Other News

Amy Winehouse

  • Amy Winehouse fans can rejoice, she looks clean and sober (don’t worry, the beehive & severe eyeliner are still intact), not to mention these new promo pics mean a new album is coming! –Β Jezebel
  • In the grand tradition of leaked celebrity sex tapes, and nude photos, Chris Brown lets it all hang out. — MediaTakeOut
  • Cross-dressing hits the Paris Fashion Week catwalk with model Mr. Andrej Pejic, who also notes that he’d consider a sex change if Vicki Secret offered him a contract. — HuffPo
  • Kate Middleton will be wearing a Sarah Burton (creative director of Alexander McQueen) original, down the aisle for her Royal nuptials. — Pop Eater
  • Between Burlesque and Ke$ha’s crazy example glitter nail polish made a comeback but in a few months Ke$ha will need this remedy for getting rid of the glitter from glittery nails, if only it’d work on her face. — Refinery29