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Peruvian Treasures

Peruvian Turquoise Earrings from Illaria

On my most recent trip, I ventured out into South America for the first time. I spent nine incredible days in Peru that I will never forget and I brought back a little treasure (and a few lot of other souvenirs).

I was looking for a gift for my little sister’s high school graduation, and my cousin recommended a jewelry company called Illaria. They specialize in silver and everything is handmade in Peru. After a day filled with scouring the markets and eating guinea pig (yes, I ate that — they call it “cuy”), I visited an Illaria boutique on my last night in Cusco.

The store gleamed, reflecting light as if everything in there was made of silver. It didn’t take very long to spy the perfect necklace for my sister, tucked away in the last display at the back of the store. It was now time to find something for me. Somewhere along the way I’d spied these green stones in numerous different pieces. Little did I know they were Peruvian turquoise. Now for those who don’t know, I have a borderline problematic obsession with turquoise. Peruvian turquoise is different, darker and somehow richer. I had to have it. I tried on earring after earring, looking for the perfect pair. The sales associate pulled out the tray of additional items that weren’t on display, and there they were. I’d found myself little Peruvian treasures.

P.S. Cuy tastes like a cross between chicken and pork, it was seasoned beautifully, it was a little hard to get the meat off, but I enjoyed it immensely.

Pick of the Week: 24.07.11

Pick of the Week

Rachana Reddy – Krishna Peacock Clutch; Boticca.com, $214.00

Have I mentioned that I have a thing for peacocks? It all started when my aunt gave me a pair of silver peacock chandelier-like earrings. I wore them just about everywhere when I got them and managed to preserve them for three years for my sweet sixteen party. Even though I now can boast only knowing where one of the peacock earring pair is, I still love peacock accessories and this clutch reminds me why. It’s effortlessly grounded and beautiful, it doesn’t take much to reminds you of the majestic bird’s plumage and it speaks to my undying love of color.

The Fake Out: Chrysanthemum Rings

One of these pieces is a mere $355.00 less than the other

The Fake Out: Chrysanthemum RingThe Fake Out: Chrysanthemum Ring

I love these rings, probably because they’re so different. The metallic prongs of this blossom are whimsical and edgy. I’m obsessed with rings, I can’t pull of wearing one on every finger so I try to alternate them like crazy, but one of these could become a permanent fixture. The chrysanthemum ring on the left is so unkempt and raw, it’s kind of perfect that it’s called Take Me I’m Yours. I love the delicacy of the blossom on the right, the intricacy makes it even more captivating.

Which one costs more? Click the images to see if you’re right.

Coveted Deeply

Five picks of things I’m coveting deeply.

Coveted Deeply[1] Turquoise looks good on just about everyone, and with Spring on the horizon this piece by Siman Tu is so exquisite you’ll find yourself making up excuses to wear it over and over again. This piece is beyond covet worthy, it’s divine outfit inspiration whether you decide to wear it more appropriately with a beautiful evening gown, or with a boyfriend tee and wide legged jeans.

[2] Estée Lauder Wild Storm is the kind of dark pearl gray that’s grungy yet elegant. I’m in love with this nail polish, it’s unexpected, but the formula has a color that is potent, dark and utterly delicious.

[3] Form fitting and color rich the fuchsia Roland Mouret jersey dress wraps curves like a dream. Simply belted, or worn under a navy blazer, this dress is a wardrobe statement piece that works from the office to cocktail hour with a few accessory alterations.

[4] The lustrous pearl elements in the aqua cream Make Up For Ever cream eyeshadow will prove a force to be reckoned with. It’s bold and prismatic, so whether it’s being used as an eyeliner or full on eyeshadow, your eyes won’t look anything short of drop dead gorgeous.

[5] Aptly named so – the Covet handbag from Rebecca Minkoff is a piece I truly covet deeply, it has a mix of dove grey and soft nude that brings the Fall’s grey loving palette straight into Spring’s love affair with nudes.

Pick of the Week: 01.02.11

Lady Portrait Cameo CuffLady Portrait Cameo Cuff, By: Anna Porcu; $2,025.00 Vivre.com.

I’m obsessed with cameos, from vintage necklaces to my favorite ring, nothing adds a touch of Victorian essence to an outfit quite like the dainty etching of a woman’s profile into stone. What sets this cuff apart from the traditional lace accompaniments is the contrast of the leather cuff with the delicate adornment giving it an instant contemporary look.