Sound Off: Women Problems, Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera

I feel compelled to come to Christina Aguilera’s defense. In some sick twist of fate Christina was forced to live out every woman’s worst nightmare, and what’s worse – everyone was watching at Etta James’ funeral. At least once to my recollection I’ve had that nightmare, that I somehow managed to not notice I was on my period only to have it reveal itself to the world. Whether it was spray tan as her publicists say or the more distressing alternative is irrelevant, because the media circus has turned this into the shame shame game.

As women we’ve been taught to feel shame over our periods, over our bodies in general, and right now Christina’s being forced to confront that in a gruesome way. While one particular person on my Twitter feed decided to take Christina’s embarrassment and run with it, I couldn’t help but be more and more bothered by every one-hundred and forty character jab. UsWeekly captioned “Why Christina Aguilera Looked “Leaky” at Etta James Tribute,” while the ever unforgiving Media Takeout captioned their article a more upstetting “OH . . . EMMM . .. GEEEEE!!!! Christina Aguilera Appears to Have A MENSTRAL ACCIDENT . . . While Singing At Etta James’ Funeral!!! (She’s LEAKING Like A FAUCET).” Never mind the fact that Media Takeout can’t even spell menstrual properly, commenters both men and women alike have thrown rocks at her, proceeding to call her all sorts of derogatory names. Why comments about her needing to lose weight came into the picture, I’m still not sure. While Christina isn’t the size she was when she was a Genie in a Bottle, it’s disheartening to watch so many women tear down another woman, knowing the hell they’d feel if this happened to them. Furthermore, I resent the fact that any man thinks they have the right to negatively comment on something like this – because as I say in the title – these are women problems. Problems men will never really understand…

On a separate note, RIP Etta James – Christina’s rendition of At Last would have made her proud.

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