Season of Scarves

I'm dubbing this the... Season of Scarves

At one point or another I became obsessed with vintage scarves. The result: so many scarves I don’t know what to do with them (so much so, every now and then I stumble upon one or two that I thought were lost). Naturally I grabbed on of them this morning, after deciding my curly hair ponytail needed a little something extra. I knotted my Talbots scarf that I’m not sure really qualifies as ‘vintage’ into a turban, and I was on my way. I loved it so much that I’m declaring the next several months – the season of scarves. How to knot your scarf properly:

[1] Lay the scarf flat
[2] Fold it on the diagonal in half
[3] Fold the pointed corner in until the scarf is about three inches wide
[4] Place the center of the folded scarf on the nape of your neck and tie the scarf once on top of your head
[5] Knot the scarf again, and double-back to knot the ends on the nape of your neck.
[6] Voila! C’est finit!

When I lived in Toronto, I’d spend my weekends in Kensington Market eating scones and rifling through bins to find yet another scarf to add to my collection. I’ve found the best way to find a scarf is to head to a vintage store with those large bins of scarves, get down on your knees and for all intensive purposes start diving for treasure.

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