Rihanna’s Vogue Cover Sans the Plastic Wrap & More from the Spread

Rihanna VogueI keep going back to this cover, but it’s for good reason. We’ve all been relegated to checking out the Rihanna Vogue cover from behind the sketchy plastic wrap, but thankfully Vogue has released the shots on their website along with a few photos from the shoot with Annie Leibovitz. They’ll be circulating all over the web in no time, but what I love about the digital image is that I can see everything, including the fact that Rihanna’s hair might need a do-over. Otherwise, the shots are pretty fantastic, the mermaid dress on the cover is definitely the show stopper, while the shots they’ve posted online (that I’ll suppose will appear in the issue) present a much more demure Rihanna, but what’s great about them is that they’re in tune with her Bajan roots.

Rihanna’s bounced back and forth between an island vibe and an American rock and roll edge, and it seems to me that she’s finally coming into her own on a level that fuses her musical persona with her heritage. I love the shot of her bending over backwards, and the one where she’s gone back to the short crop in the Donna Karan New York blue bodysuit. What’s bothering me a little is that I’m pretty sure I already know what this issues going to say, and it’ll be something along the lines of – ‘I hated my body, and my curves growing up and now I’ve finally learned to accept them.’ Although the truth of the matter is the her frame is so slender and toned that the only thing anyone has been able to poke fun at is her forehead. Rihanna’s not my first choice for the ‘Shape Issue’ and while I champion the appearance of all women of different ethnicities on the cover of fashion magazines like Vogue, I want to see women with real shape, not a size four woman with curves, of course my mind jumps to Christina Hendricks because I love her, but Sofia Vergara would be one celeb I wouldn’t be complaining about.

Rihanna Vogue

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