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Pick of the Week: 17.10.11

Pick of the Week: 17.10.11

Terra Couture Earrings, by Dori Csengeri;, $425.00

I was hypnotized by a kaleidoscope a few days ago, and when I spied these earrings the enchantment was more than just a parallel. The Dori Csengeri Terra Couture Earrings are pieces to covet deeply. With all of the embroidered contours and colorful fabric, my eyes are transfixed on them moving from color to color.

Pick of the Week: 10.10.11

Pick of the Week: 10.10.11

My Bench Necklace – Yael & Tal;, $92.00

I gravitate to strange necklaces, I live for the slightly off beat and eye catching pendants that don’t necessarily fit the average persona. Although I’m currently wearing a woman’s torso around my neck, I’d be willing to trade it in for a while for this cutesy bench with a person on it necklace that reminds me of a swing set.

Pick of the Week: 03.10.11

MoccasinsMinnetonka – Kilty Suede Moccasins;, $39.95

It’s become utterly clear that I need another pair of moccasins. I don’t know what it is about New York city, but I’m convinced that the weather here only comes in extremes, hot and humid and cold and icy. I was sure my throat was going to freeze while I strolled down the street in a linen jacket that did nothing for me in terms of warmth. Over the last three days, presumably since the first of October hit, I’ve been craving my fall essentials, missing the pair of moccasins I destroyed last winter, and convinced that I need to buy a new pair.

Pick of the Week: 12.09.11

Pick of the Week: 09.12.11

Ray-Ban – Clubmaster;, $145.00

I’ve been obsessed with Ray-Bans for too long to count, perhaps it has something to do with Audrey Hepburn and her classic Wayfarers. Now I’m graduating from my Wayfarers to Clubmasters, because something about these makes me covet them deeply. Colorful or standard, these retro specs are the perfect accessory. I’d perhaps even go as far as to become one of those people I hate who wear sunglasses in the dark or inside for these babies.

Pick of the Week: 05.09.11

Pick of the Week: 05.09.11

Globus Ariera Pendant Necklace, by Joyce Makitalo;, $585.00

Something about this necklace is totally Xena Warrior Princess. It’s rough, yet beautiful, and it possesses that element of strength that will balance out even the most overtly feminine frock.
The piece is remnant of a different age, like someone took a shrink ray to a roman museum and miniaturized one of the curators favorite shields. Laced on a double strand of grey rice pearls lies a captivating pendant with a single osmena pearl for its heart, surrounded by white turquoise, agate, aquamarine, and mookite. It’s the kind of piece that carries the power to instantly elevate any ensemble, the strong silent type that’s very presence can’t help but soak up the attention. It’s as if Joyce Makitalo captured the very soul of a female warrior in it.

Pick of the Week: 29.08.11

Pick of the Week: 29.08.11

Oasis – Ruffle Bandeau Dress;, $115.00

On my return from Barcelona, all I wanted to do was go back. The fact that I don’t own a Spanish villa and I’d just been tormented by a turbulence-full eight hour plane ride are probably what stopped me. Nevertheless I have an eye out for a red flamenco-ish dress to keep my new-found Spanish heart alive and this sweetheart neckline frock is just the ticket. Don’t get me wrong, I realize it’s not a full-length flamenco dress but the ruffled skirting and the luscious red hue are the next best thing to me right now. Not to mention walking around in a full-length flamenco get up would definitely turn a few heads in the wrong way, and I’d be likely to trip over the train.

Pick of the Week: 24.07.11

Pick of the Week

Rachana Reddy – Krishna Peacock Clutch;, $214.00

Have I mentioned that I have a thing for peacocks? It all started when my aunt gave me a pair of silver peacock chandelier-like earrings. I wore them just about everywhere when I got them and managed to preserve them for three years for my sweet sixteen party. Even though I now can boast only knowing where one of the peacock earring pair is, I still love peacock accessories and this clutch reminds me why. It’s effortlessly grounded and beautiful, it doesn’t take much to reminds you of the majestic bird’s plumage and it speaks to my undying love of color.