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Pick of the Week: 27.02.12

Pick of the Week: 02.27.12

Silk Crepe de Chine Shirt – Three Dots; The Outnet – $99.00

Gray or grey, however you want to spell it – I’ve got an obsession with the shades between black and white. This Silk Crepe de Chine blouse from Three Dots is no exception. It’s classic – a beautiful minimalist piece if ever there was one, and I want it! It’s calling out to be paired with my bright purple pencil skirt or my turquoise skinny jeans (or just about anything else in my closet).

Pick of the Week: 06.02.12

Mayan Skull Green Moon Earrings

Mayan Skull Green Moon Earrings – Terra Moda Designs;, $60.00

The thing about these earrings is that they possess an air that’s sort of delicate yet savage. The proof is in the details, from the little skull elements to the beading and the moon shaped Brazilian jade – it gestures toward a primal instinct. I envision myself on a beach somewhere in a wrap skirt, with my hair wrapped in a scarf on top of my head with these dangling from my ears for a raw yet regal look.

Pick of the Week: 30.01.12

Brian Atwood Suede PumpsClaudia Embroidered Suede Pumps – Brian Atwood; – $2,115.00

Forget blue suede shoes, It’d be a cardinal sin if someone stepped on these aqua pumps from Brian Atwood. They’re positively stunning and embroidered details on the back add a little added dimension that any fashion junkie can appreciate. It’s sort of delicate but bold, a mix of contraries I’m obsessed with.

Pick of the Week: 09.01.12

Pick of the WeekSavonnette White Quartz Pocket Watch & Chain – Tissot; – $275.00

With the new year and all I’m a little hyper sensitive about time… every clock that ticks and chimes around me seems to count down the seconds passing in my life. Whether I’m making use of them or not is an entirely different subject, but I can stave off the wasted moments admiring the Tissot Savonnette, a white quartz pocket watch for ladies. All I need now is a pair of cufflinks to match up with this masculine turned feminine time piece.

Pick of the Week: 05.12.11

Manta Ray Bangle

Manta Ray Bangle – Alkemie; – $165.00

It’s the kind of bracelet that gets you tons of Compliments. It is unique and beautiful, and just who decides they can wear a manta ray on their arm?

Me of course. I love to stack it on top of the necklaces i tend to wrap around my wrist and fashion into bracelets, especially when the beads from the necklace sort of make it seem like it’s swimming in the ocean or lying on a bed of rocks or seashells – I’m all about the symbolism but even alone this bracelet is a knock out.

Pick of the Week: 18.11.11

Pick of the Week: 18.11.11

Chanel No. 19, 3.4 fl oz; Nordstrom – $115.00

“A women who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.”
- Coco Chanel

Chanel may have been taking it to an extreme when she uttered those words, nevertheless there’s something very powerful about the scent of a woman. My first bottle of Chanel No. 5 was a Christmas gift from a high school boyfriend, and although that relationship didn’t last very long – my love for Chanel No. 5 never waned. Since then, there hasn’t been a perfume able to capture my heart quite like it. A part of me believes that Chanel has this innate hold on me, perhaps it’s because I was named after her. After all – my recent visit to Paris wasn’t complete until I’d made a stop at 31 Rue Cambon, the Chanel Flagship Boutique that Coco herself acquired in 1910. Chanel No.5 has become one of those infamous fragrances that have become emblematic of femininity, and although it may be the most famous perfume in the world – I’m more enraptured by the scent of Chanel No. 19. The pale green liquid beckons to me, and while No. 5 is the essence of femininity – No. 19 is bolder, did I mention it was Chanel’s signature scent?

Pick of the Week: 24.10.11

Pick of the Week: 24.10.11

Beer Bottle Glasses – Corona;, $33.00

My beer of choice isn’t Corona, but I love these glasses. The recycled bottles sort of remind me of my childhood in this odd way, not that it was spent drinking beer. They remind me of piling up glass bottles once filled with soda from a party, only to drop them off at a depot where I wondered who’d get them next. Instead of recycling the bottles for reuse, these glasses reclaim them in a cool and useful way, instead of perpetuating the hand me down process.