Pick Three: Etro

Pick Three: Etro
It’s no wonder Etro started out as a textile house in the sixties, their use of prints and color is exactly what a color junkie like me lives for. The Italian family business now creates some of the most stunning accessories and ready to wear pieces with a la vie boheme sort of aesthetic. Etro is a label developed around on trend pieces that employ facets of vibrant color, it’s intense and bold. These picks speak to all of the ways that Etro has perfected its fashion perspective, some have a beauty that you notice immediately, others require a little time for their beauty to really sink in.


Saffron Wide Leg Pants;
I’m totally on board for the high-waisted wide-leg trend, but I hate getting bogged down with blacks and grays and other mundane pant colors. I’ve never loved wide leg pants more and the saffron color is so rich and vibrant I’m bewitched.
Available at ShopBop.com for $1,000.00.


Paisley and Spot Print Scarf;
I’m obsessed with scarves, my collection borders on obscene, and half the time I wear them around the house just to feel like I’m one of the characters on Mad Men. This scarf shows off the intricacy that Etro has perfected for over forty years.
Available at FarFetch.com for $533.00.


Hammered Gold Plated Cuff;
It’s industrial and chunky, I love the way that they stack. This piece single handedly proves that Etro has mastered its relatively new foray into jewelry. It would be cool to wear this cuff on bare arms or on top of a long sleeved chiffon blouse.
Available at Net-a-Porter.com for $375.00.

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