Pick of the Week: 09.05.11

OOAK Gentle Buttefly Earrings

OOAK – Gentle Butterfly Earrings; $26.00, Boticca.com

When I was little my mother would dress me up in all sorts of stuff. Over the weekend we reflected on a few things I did as a child that irked her last nerve, and the funniest part about it is, I could picture the moments reeling back like a film. For years I’ve had this abysmal habit of losing one earring in almost every one of my favorite pairs. When I was in grade six I wore a pair just like these that were officially lost in my school swimming pool when I failed to listen to my mother for the millionth time when she instructed me to remove my earrings when I swim. It’s a small memory, but nevertheless one that brings a smile to my face. Maybe now that I’m older and these gentle butterfly earrings from OOAK are for sale, hopefully I can say that I’ve learned a thing or two, I won’t lose them this time around.

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