Pick of the Week: 05.09.11

Pick of the Week: 05.09.11

Globus Ariera Pendant Necklace, by Joyce Makitalo; Vivre.com, $585.00

Something about this necklace is totally Xena Warrior Princess. It’s rough, yet beautiful, and it possesses that element of strength that will balance out even the most overtly feminine frock.
The piece is remnant of a different age, like someone took a shrink ray to a roman museum and miniaturized one of the curators favorite shields. Laced on a double strand of grey rice pearls lies a captivating pendant with a single osmena pearl for its heart, surrounded by white turquoise, agate, aquamarine, and mookite. It’s the kind of piece that carries the power to instantly elevate any ensemble, the strong silent type that’s very presence can’t help but soak up the attention. It’s as if Joyce Makitalo captured the very soul of a female warrior in it.

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