Spoils of Style: $23.99 – DKNY Coat

I come from a long line of women who can shop, and when I say shop, I mean shop on a budget. My mother trained me well, so much so she says I shop better than her because I get bigger labels for less than she ever did.  These are the real spoils of style, the things you discover that are simply too good to be true, but true nonetheless. I got my Chloe sunglasses for less than a fraction (quarter) of the suggested retail price and I’m very proud of that.

The DKNY Coat - $23.99

My latest find was a $23.99 DKNY Coat. I’m sad Daffy’s is going out of business, but I’m not the type to pass up a major sale – because you just can’t beat a $24 coat! I rifled through all the racks with my usual precision and found the DKNY tweed coat, moved my fingers down the sleeve to the price tag, calculated the additional discount and quickly tried it on. It fit, but there was one little hitch, there was a small rip in the seam. Long story short, I bought the coat and another one (golden camel, Tommy Hilfiger ‘duffle’ coat for $72). Being the grand-daughter of a seamstress meant that instead of putting it down, I decided I’d do a quick loop stitch to fix it when I got home (see below). Lesson: You don’t pass up a $24 DKNY Coat…DKNY Coat

Lacy Little Things: Bras

madewell: honeydew® intimates flower lace bralette - $32.00 agent provocateur - mercy bra stella mccartney stella lace underwired plunge bra: $65 wonderbra ultimate strapless lace bra

“Where are the bras for the women that don’t want to minimize or look like an old lady?”

If it’s one thing I love it’s a lace bra. I’ve got DD boobs, so I’m used getting to my size in department stores and seeing ‘minimizer’ and grandma bras. Where are the bras for the women that don’t want to minimize or look like an old lady?

The truth is: I love my boobs, despite the fact that it may be difficult to find clothes that fit me properly. My high-school drama teacher told me she’d never met anyone in her life that loved their boobs as much as I do (I was a C then). Even as a C cup, finding a bra that has coverage, support, and just the right amount of padding (virtually none) can sometimes be the hardest thing in the world. The right bra is one of those mystery things, a cousin of mine who’s got a B cup hates her bras so much she calls them torture devices. Needless to say, she understands the prolific burning of the bras. When it comes down to it, a lace bra is one of those things that makes me feel ultra sexy.

To all my fellow busty ladies, embrace those big beautiful breasts, people go under knife to get them!

Live for Today – 9/11

Live for Today 9/11 SoHo Street Art

This city inspires me everyday, and today was no exception. I hopped off the N Train at Prince St this morning only for my (speed) walk to work to be obstructed by people snapping pictures of the street. I looked to my left and discovered an infinitely cool, literal piece of street art memorializing 9/11. Everyone remembers where they were that day, I didn’t even live in the US and I can tell you that I sat in horror as the TV in my middle school classroom relayed the news. It occurred to me that I never really knew New York before it was scarred by terrorism. In a sense my heart breaks for the New York City I’ll never know, more than ever, it breaks for the people that never made it past that day, the families that grieve such a profound loss to this day. I don’t think there was a more New York way to honor their memory 11 years later than a piece of street art in Soho at Prince St and Broadway with the words “Live for Today 9/11″ spray painted on a pedestrian crossing turned makeshift American flag.

I won’t take those words lightly.


Fashion’s Dirty Little Secret

“If I wanted to be in an innovative industry, I wouldn’t pick fashion.”

The dirty secret of fashion is that there is nothing new. I suppose the cool thing is how we re-invent it, but when people act like something’s so new and fresh in fashion, they immediately lose me. If I wanted to be in an innovative industry, I wouldn’t pick fashion. On the other hand, I’d pick fashion if I wanted to be a historian with creative liberties. I’ve kept a skeptical eye on fashion week this season in NYC, because I honestly haven’t been that interested. More and more it seems the more things change the more they stay the same. This season (like the last) is all about contrasts, and I’m beginning to think that’s the trick to fashion in general. Call it fusion, contrasts, or a blending of complete opposites, it’s all the same concept – they all mean the same thing. Whether it’s pulling together two different styles like leather and lace (circa Alexander Wang Spring Summer 2013) or playing with different eras by pairing vintage with more contemporary pieces. Fashion is fusion, and I say that knowing that that’s both simple and complex because fashion has such a rich history of ideas to pull from.

Lucky Mag Goes Digital, but…

Lucky Mag October Issue Stickers

[Why the print issue's still better:] “I miss the sitckers!”

I love Lucky Magazine. I don’t read any other magazine religiously. What I love about Lucky is that it’s all about shopping, there are no outmoded social conventions about dating, relationships or anything else. I’ll never find tips for a horrible sex life masquerading as ‘how to impress him,’ instead while flipping through the pages of Lucky I’ll find clothes, accessories, and beauty products (and lots of them), style tips, top blogger spots, and stickers to tag all the content that I love/like/have-to-have.

So when Lucky Magazine launched their digital edition with their September Issue, I couldn’t wait to download it. That being said, I reserved my judgment for the second issue to give them a little chance to iron out the kinks. Never mind the fact that I haven’t thrown an issue of Lucky away in the last four years and I probably still won’t, I am really excited about the digital issue. There are some things that don’t translate from print to digital, but there are a few things that are better:

1. I miss the stickers!
Yes, I realize you can’t have actual stickers, but virtual stickers would make Lucky‘s digital edition infinitely cooler. Tagging favorite content in a way that allows me to fast forward to it would be awesome, right?

2. I want ads that don’t ask me to scratch and sniff knowing I can’t
It was a little odd, and I admittedly kind of wished that iPads had that function, but seeing an ad for Olay Reginerist that asks me to scratch and sniff is a tease with no follow through.

3. I like adaptable content
I spent a lot of time going through the magazine turning the iPad from landscape to portrait to see what the content would look like when it flips from side to side. BONUS, the ‘tap for tips’ and ‘tap for info’ plus signs transforms image layouts into real editorial content with one tap.

4. I love the digital deals
Lucky‘s probably the best mag for deals, and bonus deals in the digital issue are an added and convenient bonus.

5. You can shop virtually everything in the digital issue…
For every page I flip through there’s something I can buy. It’s good news for my love of shopping, bad news for my bank account.

Lucky Magazine October Issue Digital vs Print

Lucky Magazine October Issue - Digital Scratch and Sniff

Lucky Magazine October Issue Digital vs Print

*Another thing, because it’s the digital issue and a lot of the editors are on Twitter, the mag should at least list the handles beside the name on the Masthead…

Staying in on Fashion’s Night Out

Chanelle Talisa Sicard

Maybe someone should revoke my blogger card, but I’m simply just not a fan of FNO. The crowds are chaotic, and despite the fact that I’d probably love the Tequila Avion cocktails served at Lord and Taylor and Scoop NYC tonight, it’s just not worth it to me. Yes I know, there are sales and all kinds of cool things happening, but I’m much more inclined to save myself and my bank account the trouble and sit my butt down on my couch to watch the VMAs and the DNC tonight.


Finding my way back…

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing

I’ve been having a little trouble figuring out what to write on this blog for a while, made obvious by the sporadic posting. Call it an extended form of writer’s block, but I’ve been searching for something…

I’ll proudly boast the fact that I think in 140-characters or less, a skill that I find very useful for my work in social media. I’ve come to realize that as much as I love, live and breathe this stuff, my day job may have hurt this blog way more than it’s helped it. It’s not that I’ve been searching for my voice, I’ve always had one, and I’ve never shied away from letting anyone who will listen hear it. But somehow I lost sight of this blog’s purpose, and I’m not quite sure why.

I admittedly don’t read many blogs these days, unless they’ve got something to do with social media. Even so, the fact of the matter is, I’m living my life, so writing a ‘lifestyle’ blog shouldn’t be that difficult for someone like me who loves to write/eat/shop/live. I may not take a million photos of myself and my outfits, because the truth of the matter is – I’m not that kind of blogger.

I am a writer and it’s time I found my way back to that.