#NYFW Theatrics

NYFW Theatrics

It’s a well known fact that Fashion Week in New York City is nothing if not a bonafide crazy-fest and this season is not disappointing. From girls standing up posing in the middle of Lincoln Center waiting, nay begging (albeit silently), for their photos to be taken to unknown designers walking around with models trying to squeeze the tents for a little press, Fashion Week is sort of NYC’s version of a circus.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this circus, but it is a circus nonetheless. My favorite thus far has been the models that gave me the very distinct impression that if not for their shoes, their lanky bodies would be carried away by the balloons that had been strategically tied to clumps of their hair. It sort of reminded me of that movie Up. A part of me desperately wanted one of them to go flying. Presumably we were meant to be staring at the jewelry, although the truly sad part is that, if not for the photographs I took, I would have no idea what they were wearing. When confronted with them face to face I couldn’t stop staring at the cluster of balloons attached to their heads. Let the drama continue we’ve only got a night and one full day left.

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