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Live for Today – 9/11

Live for Today 9/11 SoHo Street Art

This city inspires me everyday, and today was no exception. I hopped off the N Train at Prince St this morning only for my (speed) walk to work to be obstructed by people snapping pictures of the street. I looked to my left and discovered an infinitely cool, literal piece of street art memorializing 9/11. Everyone remembers where they were that day, I didn’t even live in the US and I can tell you that I sat in horror as the TV in my middle school classroom relayed the news. It occurred to me that I never really knew New York before it was scarred by terrorism. In a sense my heart breaks for the New York City I’ll never know, more than ever, it breaks for the people that never made it past that day, the families that grieve such a profound loss to this day. I don’t think there was a more New York way to honor their memory 11 years later than a piece of street art in Soho at Prince St and Broadway with the words “Live for Today 9/11″ spray painted on a pedestrian crossing turned makeshift American flag.

I won’t take those words lightly.


Lucky Mag Goes Digital, but…

Lucky Mag October Issue Stickers

[Why the print issue's still better:] “I miss the sitckers!”

I love Lucky Magazine. I don’t read any other magazine religiously. What I love about Lucky is that it’s all about shopping, there are no outmoded social conventions about dating, relationships or anything else. I’ll never find tips for a horrible sex life masquerading as ‘how to impress him,’ instead while flipping through the pages of Lucky I’ll find clothes, accessories, and beauty products (and lots of them), style tips, top blogger spots, and stickers to tag all the content that I love/like/have-to-have.

So when Lucky Magazine launched their digital edition with their September Issue, I couldn’t wait to download it. That being said, I reserved my judgment for the second issue to give them a little chance to iron out the kinks. Never mind the fact that I haven’t thrown an issue of Lucky away in the last four years and I probably still won’t, I am really excited about the digital issue. There are some things that don’t translate from print to digital, but there are a few things that are better:

1. I miss the stickers!
Yes, I realize you can’t have actual stickers, but virtual stickers would make Lucky‘s digital edition infinitely cooler. Tagging favorite content in a way that allows me to fast forward to it would be awesome, right?

2. I want ads that don’t ask me to scratch and sniff knowing I can’t
It was a little odd, and I admittedly kind of wished that iPads had that function, but seeing an ad for Olay Reginerist that asks me to scratch and sniff is a tease with no follow through.

3. I like adaptable content
I spent a lot of time going through the magazine turning the iPad from landscape to portrait to see what the content would look like when it flips from side to side. BONUS, the ‘tap for tips’ and ‘tap for info’ plus signs transforms image layouts into real editorial content with one tap.

4. I love the digital deals
Lucky‘s probably the best mag for deals, and bonus deals in the digital issue are an added and convenient bonus.

5. You can shop virtually everything in the digital issue…
For every page I flip through there’s something I can buy. It’s good news for my love of shopping, bad news for my bank account.

Lucky Magazine October Issue Digital vs Print

Lucky Magazine October Issue - Digital Scratch and Sniff

Lucky Magazine October Issue Digital vs Print

*Another thing, because it’s the digital issue and a lot of the editors are on Twitter, the mag should at least list the handles beside the name on the Masthead…

Staying in on Fashion’s Night Out

Chanelle Talisa Sicard

Maybe someone should revoke my blogger card, but I’m simply just not a fan of FNO. The crowds are chaotic, and despite the fact that I’d probably love the Tequila Avion cocktails served at Lord and Taylor and Scoop NYC tonight, it’s just not worth it to me. Yes I know, there are sales and all kinds of cool things happening, but I’m much more inclined to save myself and my bank account the trouble and sit my butt down on my couch to watch the VMAs and the DNC tonight.


Finding my way back…

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing

I’ve been having a little trouble figuring out what to write on this blog for a while, made obvious by the sporadic posting. Call it an extended form of writer’s block, but I’ve been searching for something…

I’ll proudly boast the fact that I think in 140-characters or less, a skill that I find very useful for my work in social media. I’ve come to realize that as much as I love, live and breathe this stuff, my day job may have hurt this blog way more than it’s helped it. It’s not that I’ve been searching for my voice, I’ve always had one, and I’ve never shied away from letting anyone who will listen hear it. But somehow I lost sight of this blog’s purpose, and I’m not quite sure why.

I admittedly don’t read many blogs these days, unless they’ve got something to do with social media. Even so, the fact of the matter is, I’m living my life, so writing a ‘lifestyle’ blog shouldn’t be that difficult for someone like me who loves to write/eat/shop/live. I may not take a million photos of myself and my outfits, because the truth of the matter is – I’m not that kind of blogger.

I am a writer and it’s time I found my way back to that.

The Great Googa Mooga

The Great Googa MoogaI don’t spend enough weekends in Brooklyn, but I’m glad I stayed home this weekend to witness the food-loving splendor that is The Great Googa Mooga. With all the crazy, bad weather we’ve been having, this weekend was a slice of heaven. Sprawling over Prospect Park, the grounds of Googa Mooga were littered with people on blankets and booths serving some of the best food in NYC. It was an all around perfect day to be outside, soaking up some rays, drinking a few beers, and consuming half my weight in food. Music poured through the airwaves and we danced around trying not to spill our beers but refusing to put them down.

Never mind the fact that I had absolutely no cell phone service and couldn’t upload anything to Instagram and Twitter. It was a bit like the dark ages in a way that makes you yearn for the days when life was simpler. I didn’t find myself checking my email every two minutes, instead I enjoyed the sights, sounds, and spread of delectable culinary goodness. My favorite was a toss up between the pork belly tacos from Colicchio & Sons and what I’m almost sure was crawfish mac and cheese from Crawfish Monica. Lest I forget, the summer heat bearing down on my shoulders – beyond the booze was a special treat from People’s Pops. One ice block, a shaver and a tasty plum tarragon syrup made for a refreshing shaved ice treat.

people's pops

There may have been an almost intolerable swarm of people, but the music and food made it bearable. I’m looking forward to next year and I’m making my way to The Spotted Pig and Red Rooster as soon as possible to get a real taste of their offerings.

The Pairing Principle: Food & Wine Cocktails App

Food & Wine Cocktails App

My best friend’s a chef, and for all intensive purposes, I love cooking and trying new restaurants more than I enjoy getting dressed in the morning and shopping for clothes. (Blasphemy, I know!) In all my dreams of being an editor, my first recourse was through fashion, but my true first love is food.

Today, Food & Wine, in partnership with Belvedere Vodka, released the perfect foodie/menu planning app for the summer season (or any other for that matter). Just in time for Cinco de Mayo the free Food & Wine Cocktails app offers a slew of cocktail and snack pairings for all sorts of spirits. That’s right it’s not just all about Belvedere Vodka, they’ve got recipes for Apertifs & Digestifs, Brandy, Champagne & Sparkling Wine, Gin & Genever, Mocktails, Rum & Cachaca, Tequila & Mezcal, Vodka, Whiskey, Wine &  Beer. This weekend, I’m planning on mixing up a batch of the Blood Orange Margaritas with the app’s recipe for Chunky Guacamole. For those crazy people with an aversion to tequila, I’m gathering the ingredients for the Belvedere Crimson Crush, served alongside plates of Pulled Chicken Grilled Corn Tacos. Yum!

Download the app here for your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch and start making the perfect pairings yourself.

Sound Off: Ideas of Blackness Beyoncé, JLo, & L’Oreal

Ideas of Blackness Beyonce

It’s a touchy subject, the meaning behind the color of our skin, but as women of color it’s a never-squelched bone of contention. Some members of the Black community are upset by the latest L’Oreal campaign for True Match that features Beyoncé labeled as “African American, Native American,  French.” Interestingly enough, the last of those doesn’t define her race – but that doesn’t stop people from jumping to conclusions or being upset.

(FYI: French isn’t a race, and while people want to talk about African American as a “race” – it really isn’t one, and neither is Native American)

The anger in this situation stems from Beyoncé being labeled as all of these things while Jennifer Lopez is labeled as 100% Puerto Rican. And while people seem to think that mentioning that Beyoncé is French is somehow invalidating her Blackness, it’s my belief that it strengthens it. Being Black isn’t just one thing and acknowledging all of our roots is important. Perhaps the question isn’t why L’Oreal labeled Beyoncé with multiple no-miners and Jennifer Lopez with only one, would someone please ask these women what they self-identify as? Beyoncé has never shied away from her French heritage, her first name is a homage to that part of her lineage, as is her clothing line. That accent on the end of her name isn’t there just for kicks, it’s French. Jennifer Lopez on the other hand, has stated time and time again that she’s 100% Puerto Rican. Yes she could have been labeled as Latina, but Puerto Rico has its own heritage, not willing to be stuffed into the box labeled Latina. Perhaps some will think I’m naive for not blaming L’Oreal for this, but I don’t think they sat there and genetically tested these women and decided to label them accordingly, it’s far more likely that they asked them the question I hate to be asked “what are you?”

Personally, I first and foremost always define myself as Jamaican. Whether I’m black, white, brown or blue isn’t of any consequence to me, and I hate to be asked to self-identify as a race. Perhaps it’s because I can’t call myself black without getting a few awkward glances. I’m exceedingly light-skinned and calling myself black is almost always followed by someone asking me what I’m mixed with.

If you can trace back your heritage there’s no shame in acknowledging it, all of it. I don’t like when my cousins call themselves African American (their parents are Jamaican, their parents parents are Jamaican). Being labeled as African American fits them into this tiny box that defines what it means to be Black, negating an entire other history and disassociating them from their roots. No matter how dark they may be – they are so much more than just one label. Saying you’re African American somehow creates this idea that your lineage begins with slavery – this is not something I’ll ever accept. The history of Black America isn’t the be all end of Beyoncé’s roots, neither is it that for anyone else. Knowing your heritage no matter how far it dates back is a powerful thing. I am Jamaican and thanks to the sense that is clear in my country’s national motto I can say that I am truly “out of many one people.” As someone who’s clearly of French heritage thanks to my last name – Sicard – I see nothing wrong with acknowledging that part of my story.

I see no fault in L’Oreal labeling Beyoncé as all of these things, so long as she is comfortable with it.
I say to hell with it all. I am not African American, but I am Black. I am Jamaican and my history started way before slavery – something Black people should acknowledge in Black History month.