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Lucky Mag Goes Digital, but…

Lucky Mag October Issue Stickers

[Why the print issue's still better:] “I miss the sitckers!”

I love Lucky Magazine. I don’t read any other magazine religiously. What I love about Lucky is that it’s all about shopping, there are no outmoded social conventions about dating, relationships or anything else. I’ll never find tips for a horrible sex life masquerading as ‘how to impress him,’ instead while flipping through the pages of Lucky I’ll find clothes, accessories, and beauty products (and lots of them), style tips, top blogger spots, and stickers to tag all the content that I love/like/have-to-have.

So when Lucky Magazine launched their digital edition with their September Issue, I couldn’t wait to download it. That being said, I reserved my judgment for the second issue to give them a little chance to iron out the kinks. Never mind the fact that I haven’t thrown an issue of Lucky away in the last four years and I probably still won’t, I am really excited about the digital issue. There are some things that don’t translate from print to digital, but there are a few things that are better:

1. I miss the stickers!
Yes, I realize you can’t have actual stickers, but virtual stickers would make Lucky‘s digital edition infinitely cooler. Tagging favorite content in a way that allows me to fast forward to it would be awesome, right?

2. I want ads that don’t ask me to scratch and sniff knowing I can’t
It was a little odd, and I admittedly kind of wished that iPads had that function, but seeing an ad for Olay Reginerist that asks me to scratch and sniff is a tease with no follow through.

3. I like adaptable content
I spent a lot of time going through the magazine turning the iPad from landscape to portrait to see what the content would look like when it flips from side to side. BONUS, the ‘tap for tips’ and ‘tap for info’ plus signs transforms image layouts into real editorial content with one tap.

4. I love the digital deals
Lucky‘s probably the best mag for deals, and bonus deals in the digital issue are an added and convenient bonus.

5. You can shop virtually everything in the digital issue…
For every page I flip through there’s something I can buy. It’s good news for my love of shopping, bad news for my bank account.

Lucky Magazine October Issue Digital vs Print

Lucky Magazine October Issue - Digital Scratch and Sniff

Lucky Magazine October Issue Digital vs Print

*Another thing, because it’s the digital issue and a lot of the editors are on Twitter, the mag should at least list the handles beside the name on the Masthead…

GQ’s Lady Gaga Paper Doll

GQ's Lady Gaga Paper Doll

I must say I love this! To celebrate the Monster Ball Tour on HBO GQ created a Gaga Paper Doll. With my latest obsession with the old school toy this couldn’t have come at a better time. Dress Gaga digitally with this interactive web paper doll. I myself would kind of like to make Gaga into Optimus Prime.

Sound Off: “Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty” Costume Institute Gala At The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

I expected a bit more drama from the guests of last night’s Met Gala, especially with the night being a tribute to Alexander McQueen’s Savage Beauty exhibit. Perhaps I expected too much because, while industry titans, taste makers and stars took to the red carpet I couldn’t help but feel a little underwhelmed.

I expected brilliance, ‘splendiforousness’ and all the wonder that come with names like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York Society, Anna Wintour, Vogue, and Alexander McQueen.

Christina Ricci in Zac PosenMy favorite gown of the night, this Zac Posen spider web dress is positively divine. It’s as if the Adams Family took to the high fashion world in a frock that embodies the Savage Beauty that the Met Gala was supposed to exhibit.

Andre Leon Talley & Anna WintourBlake Lively with Karl Lagerfeld

It may be Anna Wintour posing center stage in Chanel, but it’s definitely Andre Leon Talley that’s caught my eye. The Isabel Toledo cerulean blue cape has an outlandish quality and his facial expression takes the cake – his whole persona was perfectly in tune with the drama that the Met Gala is supposed to encourage. As for Blake Lively, between the strawberry blond locks and the Chanel couture gown that manages to conceal all of her assets, I just couldn’t understand it, at the very least I can usually expect something that deserves a closer look – this does not.

Leighton MeesterI didn’t much care for her Louis Vuitton corset dress to be honest, but there was this sort of startling resemblance to Audrey Hepburn in Leighton Meester last night that I can’t take my eyes off of her. From the moment I saw her in the first episode of Gossip Girl, I knew the casting director made the right choice.

In other news, here were the hits from last night’s foray onto the red carpet:

Spencer Pratt Wants to Intern for Ryan Seacrest… & Other News

Shingai Shoniwa of Noisettes for Bazaar

  • Spencer Pratt’s crawling out of the woodwork with a request to be Ryan Seacrest’s intern. No, but seriously. — WetPaint
  • Shingai Shoniwa of Noisettes blows Bazaar UK out of the water in a Grace Jones inspired spread. — Shadders
  • Galliano’s out of rehab, he ignored a photographer that called him a ‘F*cking Racist,’ but I still maintain: rehab doesn’t cure racism. — TMZ
  • And the most beautiful woman of the year is… Jennifer Lopez (according to People anyway), never mind that it’s only 4 months into the year. Good for her. — People
  • Sad but true. I only wear my watch as another accessory and eight other gadgets that smartphones have made obsolete. — HuffPo

Rihanna’s Vogue Cover Sans the Plastic Wrap & More from the Spread

Rihanna VogueI keep going back to this cover, but it’s for good reason. We’ve all been relegated to checking out the Rihanna Vogue cover from behind the sketchy plastic wrap, but thankfully Vogue has released the shots on their website along with a few photos from the shoot with Annie Leibovitz. They’ll be circulating all over the web in no time, but what I love about the digital image is that I can see everything, including the fact that Rihanna’s hair might need a do-over. Otherwise, the shots are pretty fantastic, the mermaid dress on the cover is definitely the show stopper, while the shots they’ve posted online (that I’ll suppose will appear in the issue) present a much more demure Rihanna, but what’s great about them is that they’re in tune with her Bajan roots. Continue reading

Sound Off: Beyonce, Rihanna & Vogue’s Shape Issue

Vogue Shape Issues - Beyonce & Rihanna

I didn’t notice this before, but something (the Rihanna Vogue cover) led me to searching for the Beyonce Vogue cover and now I’ve got a few questions for the Vogue editors. I’m a black woman and I love my figure as much as the next girl, but is it a coincidence that both Beyonce and Rihanna have appeared on the April cover of Vogue, that’s been conveniently titled ‘The Shape Issue?’ I think not. It’s the holy grail of all fashion magazines, but right now, from where I’m standing, I’m accusing Vogue of pigeonholing the extent of their coverage of black women to being all about curves. I suppose most people won’t think it’s a big deal or anything, but with twelve months out of the year, Vogue could do a little better than sticking a black woman on the cover of their April issue every other year for the last four years, or a black man if we expand that range to five years. Yes, I realize Halle Berry was on the September 2010 issue’s cover, but as so many people love to point out, Halle seems to have carved out a niche and a world of her own. In the last decade, black women have been on the cover of Vogue seven times, Halle Berry counts for two of those. So what gives Vogue? What’s with black women in the Shape Issue?

Rihanna’s Vogue Cover Is Ready to Ship

Rihanna Vogue Magazine Cover April 2011

So she was so excited she tweeted about it when she wasn’t supposed to, Rihanna’s Vogue cover has finally been leaked, and my thoughts are not so rosy. I believe she might have been channeling Jessica Rabbit (or maybe even Beyonce), but this Vogue cover has nothing on the Elle cover from last July. As a matter of fact, that Elle cover convinced me to subscribe to Elle, this Vogue cover would not do the same. An awkward pose masks the Bajan beauty’s usual sex appeal, even with the sheer curve hugging gown, the cover is just too awkward. I’m all for Rhi Rhi exploring the flower side to her Reb’l Fleur thing, but this cover does neither. It’s too ladylike for edgy Rihanna, and too coquettish for the girl next door end of the spectrum.  I’ll leave my final judgement for when my copy arrives and I catch a glimpse of her editorial pages, but as of right now – I’m just not feeling it.