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The Pairing Principle: Food & Wine Cocktails App

Food & Wine Cocktails App

My best friend’s a chef, and for all intensive purposes, I love cooking and trying new restaurants more than I enjoy getting dressed in the morning and shopping for clothes. (Blasphemy, I know!) In all my dreams of being an editor, my first recourse was through fashion, but my true first love is food.

Today, Food & Wine, in partnership with Belvedere Vodka, released the perfect foodie/menu planning app for the summer season (or any other for that matter). Just in time for Cinco de Mayo the free Food & Wine Cocktails app offers a slew of cocktail and snack pairings for all sorts of spirits. That’s right it’s not just all about Belvedere Vodka, they’ve got recipes for Apertifs & Digestifs, Brandy, Champagne & Sparkling Wine, Gin & Genever, Mocktails, Rum & Cachaca, Tequila & Mezcal, Vodka, Whiskey, Wine &  Beer. This weekend, I’m planning on mixing up a batch of the Blood Orange Margaritas with the app’s recipe for Chunky Guacamole. For those crazy people with an aversion to tequila, I’m gathering the ingredients for the Belvedere Crimson Crush, served alongside plates of Pulled Chicken Grilled Corn Tacos. Yum!

Download the app here for your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch and start making the perfect pairings yourself.

Coveted Deeply

Coveted Deeply

[1] I am a confirmed member of #TeamBlackBerry so the new BlackBerry PlayBook is right up my alley. It may take a while for this new tablet to catch up to the iPad and it’s host of functionality, but I still want it. It’s smaller, lighter, and addition to the BlackBerry family that I welcome with open arms. It’s available for pre-order now, but if it doesn’t make its way to my purse soon enough I may need to get an iPad.

[2] This Forzieri hand made purple rose sterling silver fashion ring is an instant favorite. It’s delicate and beautiful, but it’s size makes a strong statement. I love the detailed petals, and the bright color made simple by the sterling silver band. This cocktail ring will make itself very useful this summer.

[3] It’s a corset, but instead of it being all stuffy with a lacey bodice this one has a tribal make up that I think it so sexy. This Mara Hoffman tribal chic bustier will look great with a pair of high waisted trousers, a pencil skirt or harem pants.  I kind of wish it was a swimsuit top, because I can envision myself in this top in so many different places.

[4] This necklace is made of everything from pieces of a vintage chandelier to seashells. The Paradis necklace from Dannijo couldn’t look dull if it tried, the pops of color will take everything from a plain t-shirt to a shift dress up another level with its tropical indulgence. As a girl from the tropics you’d think I’d eventually get tired of all of the Caribbean oceanic pieces, but that’s one thing this girl will never get enough of.

[5] I’m certainly no Julia Childs but that doesn’t stop me from daydreaming about cooking boeuf bourguigon in a Le Creuset dutch oven. I want the entire line of these, they’re beautiful classics that every foodie or wanna be foodie should own. Forget about Pyrex and Faberware, these dutch ovens are the creme de la creme of cookware that I covet deeply.

Spencer Pratt Wants to Intern for Ryan Seacrest… & Other News

Shingai Shoniwa of Noisettes for Bazaar

  • Spencer Pratt’s crawling out of the woodwork with a request to be Ryan Seacrest’s intern. No, but seriously. — WetPaint
  • Shingai Shoniwa of Noisettes blows Bazaar UK out of the water in a Grace Jones inspired spread. — Shadders
  • Galliano’s out of rehab, he ignored a photographer that called him a ‘F*cking Racist,’ but I still maintain: rehab doesn’t cure racism. — TMZ
  • And the most beautiful woman of the year is… Jennifer Lopez (according to People anyway), never mind that it’s only 4 months into the year. Good for her. — People
  • Sad but true. I only wear my watch as another accessory and eight other gadgets that smartphones have made obsolete. — HuffPo

Obsession Feeding: Andy Warhol for Incase

Andy Warhol for IncaseFor those who don’t know, I’m obsessed with Andy Warhol. I tote around a small duffel bag in army green shades of the Flowers painting everytime I travel against all reason when a roll-a-board bag would be so much simpler (not to mention less strenuous). These Andy Warhol for Incase cases are making me wish I owned an iPhone or that they made them for BlackBerry’s. Anything the Andy Warhol foundation lends their namesakes’ craft to is usually a must-have for me. Never fear, I’m certifiably #TeamBlackBerry, but an iPad may be in my near future and one of these would be the perfect accompaniment.

Coveted Deeply

Coveted Deeply: 27.03.11

[1] I’m not a fan of leopard print anything, but the vintage appeal of this swimsuit makes it something I’ve fallen in love with unexpectedly. The structured sweetheart neckline and black elastic belt at the waist of this Lanvin leopard suit is (dare I utter these words when referencing leopard print) — sexy.

[2] Nothing says spring quite like tulips and while taking care of these bulbs when gardening can take quite a bit of work this little tulip usb cluster is an attractive tech-savvy gadget, great for plugging in my mouse, digital camera, external drive, and BlackBerry, along with anything else I need to plug in (see #4).

[3] I have a borderline obsessive attraction to rings, and my obsession with turquoise has past the ‘boderline’ with no hope or want of return. I especially love cameo rings so this Tagliamonte – 18 karat gold ring is at the top of my lust list. The pop of turquoise in the etched mother of pearl is truly extraordinary.

[4] I’m going gaga for spring flowers and Cherry Blossoms are kind of kismet appreciation for nature, after everything that’s happening in Japan. This Cherry Blossom Flip Camera is so cute, compact and a totally covet-worthy. It’s super girly, but for some reason I don’t mind, because I seriously love Cherry Blossoms.

[5] Wide leg pants are back and better than ever, and curvy girls like me can now find solace in cloaking our hips in these apricot wide leg trousers. What makes these pants so appealing is that they aren’t black, brown or navy, the kind of burnt orange, apricot hue of these trousers makes them work so much better than any neutral ever could. I just want them.