Leighton Meester Lights Up the Empire State Building… & Other News

  • Defined brows seem to be a subject of contention, but a thick brow beats a thin one any day, just ask Audrey Hepburn or Katerina Graham. Fashion Bomb Daily
  • Returning your clothing to Victoria Secret unworn will get them cut up, even if they aren’t unmentionables. Huffington Post
  • Hold your breath, all the talk of Kate Middleton will be purged from memory in a matter of days when the swarm of wedding media stories finally dies! The Guardian
  • CFDA starts a bidding war over Anna Wintour, how much would you pay to meet the woman with the sharp cut bob and round Chanel sunglasses. NYPost
  • Leighton Meester beams as she lights the Empire State Building in red & white for charity. Take that Blake Lively. Daily News

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