Knots of Gold

Knots of Gold

I’m pretty much cursed when it comes to my favorite earrings. I often break or lose one, leaving the other unbearably lonely.

I sometimes think I’m doomed to spend an eternity searching for replicas of the ones I’ve loved and lost. This weekend I found a pair of knots I’ve been trying to find for the last 4 years. Nestled under trays and trays of earrings at the Brooklyn Flea were the gold knots pictured above. The story behind losing their predecessors has to do with a water park, and so the story goes – after shooting down a water slide one of my favorite earrings abandoned me. I’m sure I paid more than the $5 I shelled out for my new babies on the sterling silver ones I lost on that fateful day, so it brings me even more pleasure to slip these on. They’re prefect and simple, so whether my hair’s curly and wild or pinned back in a bun or series of twists – these knots of gold are my new favorite pair.

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