I Love Matchbox Chinatown

Matchbox Dessert TrioMatchbox Chinatown: Vintage Pizza Bistro serves up some delectable gourmet pizza, but it’s not for those people that like plain toppings on their pizza like pepperoni and mozzarella cheese. I’ve been warned that the DC location is abominably packed on a regular basis, and the size of an actual matchbox. So when I decided to venture out to try this so called vintage pizza bistro, I knew I was headed to the Rockville location, that is, at the very least, a more spread out version of the downtown haunt. After scarfing down a few slices of the paper thin brick oven baked pizza (being rather unladylike), I ordered the dessert trio. I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that I might do it again, but there’s one pairing on this plate that tops the other items by far. The cinnamon donuts and what I believe is a Kahlua creme sauce are a pairing sent straight from heaven. I love how the coffee mixes with the powdered sugar and the sprinkles of orange rind on top, it’s a delight for the taste buds that will leave you covered in powdered sugar. The vanilla gelato on the molten lava cake were a nice petite chocolate fix and the trio of sorbet was, to my great surprise, a great little burst of flavor. The sorbet flavors supposedly change regularly and while I expected to enjoy the raspberry scoop the most I found myself hoarding the lime sorbet away from my sister, it was simply delicious.

Note: Even if you’re not a gourmet pizza lover, you’ll still want to pop in for this dessert in particular. I promise.

Matchbox Chinatown
1699 Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD 20852

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