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Twenty-Four Hours in… Toronto

If I could have any super power, I’d want to be able to teleport. I’d go as far as to dive into a vat of toxic goo to get it…

Yes, that’s how much I love to travel. I fantasize about teleporting from one place to another constantly, so the question is – if you had twenty-four hours to spend anywhere, doing anything (minus the airplane rides and the jet lag) where would you go and what would you do?

If you’re teleporting to Toronto…

Niche Coffee Bar - Niche Benedict Nadege Toronto - My favorite patisserie! REDS Bistro Click to Enlarge Image Map

Start your morning off right with breakfast at Niche Espresso Bar. While I’d usually do this a little later and call it brunch, if we’re going to pack as many events into twenty-four hours as possible – this is where you start. I recommend the Niche Benedict. Yes it’s an espresso bar, but if it’s a choice between coffee and my eggs benny, I’m going for the latter. The signature eggs benedict plate at Niche is the picture of perfection with two poached eggs, pemeal bacon and hollandaise sauce piled on top of a generous portion of simply delicious cornbread. (BEST. COMBO. EVER.)

Ed Note: If you go in the summer – ask for a seat out back.

Now that you’re full, it’s time you walk it off. If you’re going to see a city properly you can’t stumble upon the best things in the city in your car – you just can’t! Since I was in high school, I’ve been walking down Queen St – finding jewelry, dresses, vintage shops and so much more – go ahead, window shop and browse. Here are my usual stops on the lane… Spoof, Get Outside, Style Garage, Black Market Vintage, The Beadery and whatever else catches my eye.

For the good stuff, make your way to Kensington Market for a mix of vintage shopping and yummy snacks. Whatever you do – you must try a spinach, feta and pesto scone from Cobs. If you’re interested in vintage scarves and buttons – head to Courage My Love. I’ve been known to sit on the floor and rifle through their scarf bin – each scarf goes for about $3.00 (CAD). On the subject of buttons, some people are content with whatever buttons a garment comes with, for the rest of us Courage My Love has the wall of buttons. I’ve probably spent $100 dollars here – which is saying something because these buttons aren’t that expensive. Peek into Flash Back and peruse the vintage shirt racks on the street, then make sure to take a long and leisurely stroll in Bungalow – my favorite vintage store of all time. Almost every vintage pencil skirt I own came from this place, and I’ve also scored quite a few blazers here too. Their stock is carefully curated to give you just about everything you could want when you walk through those doors.

Lunch Time: saunter back down to Queen St, heading further west to my favorite French patisserie – Nadege. Order up a croissant sandwich – whichever one your heart desires. I’m likely to grab the one with smoked salmon, cucumber, dill and cream cheese (but Fresh Figs and Goats Cheese on a Nadege croissant are equally as delectable). Grab some goodies to go, like mini madeleines and homemade marshmallows – chocolate covered, regular, or flavored (I’m still savoring my strawberry and basil marshmallows).

Walk around the city some more, sit in the park across from Nadege, or head up to Dundas and head east towards Yonge Street. You’ve still got time to pop into the Art Gallery of Ontario – so go. Or, make your way to the waterfront and take in the sunset over Lake Ontario before you head over to REDS… When Holly Golightly said that thing about the mean reds, these weren’t them. With the greatest wine selection in Toronto, this is a must stop for the visiting wino. Order the crab cakes and lap up the vino. And, in the event that you’d like to dance the night away – head to Wet bar on Peter St or Guvernment on Queen’s Quay down by the lake shore.

Ed Note: Full disclosure, I don’t think I could ever get everything I wanted to do crammed into 24 hours in Toronto. I grew up there, so having to see friends and family trumps this itinerary.

Season of Scarves

I'm dubbing this the... Season of Scarves

At one point or another I became obsessed with vintage scarves. The result: so many scarves I don’t know what to do with them (so much so, every now and then I stumble upon one or two that I thought were lost). Naturally I grabbed on of them this morning, after deciding my curly hair ponytail needed a little something extra. I knotted my Talbots scarf that I’m not sure really qualifies as ‘vintage’ into a turban, and I was on my way. I loved it so much that I’m declaring the next several months – the season of scarves. How to knot your scarf properly:

[1] Lay the scarf flat
[2] Fold it on the diagonal in half
[3] Fold the pointed corner in until the scarf is about three inches wide
[4] Place the center of the folded scarf on the nape of your neck and tie the scarf once on top of your head
[5] Knot the scarf again, and double-back to knot the ends on the nape of your neck.
[6] Voila! C’est finit!

When I lived in Toronto, I’d spend my weekends in Kensington Market eating scones and rifling through bins to find yet another scarf to add to my collection. I’ve found the best way to find a scarf is to head to a vintage store with those large bins of scarves, get down on your knees and for all intensive purposes start diving for treasure.

Knots of Gold

Knots of Gold

I’m pretty much cursed when it comes to my favorite earrings. I often break or lose one, leaving the other unbearably lonely.

I sometimes think I’m doomed to spend an eternity searching for replicas of the ones I’ve loved and lost. This weekend I found a pair of knots I’ve been trying to find for the last 4 years. Nestled under trays and trays of earrings at the Brooklyn Flea were the gold knots pictured above. The story behind losing their predecessors has to do with a water park, and so the story goes – after shooting down a water slide one of my favorite earrings abandoned me. I’m sure I paid more than the $5 I shelled out for my new babies on the sterling silver ones I lost on that fateful day, so it brings me even more pleasure to slip these on. They’re prefect and simple, so whether my hair’s curly and wild or pinned back in a bun or series of twists – these knots of gold are my new favorite pair.

Coveted Deeply

Five picks of things I’m coveting deeply.

Coveted Deeply

[1] I have quite a few coats, from pea coats to leather jackets to trenches, and I love each and every one of them. The full skirt and cinched waist on this Azzedine Alaia princess coat makes it outwear I wouldn’t want to take off inside. Perhaps the Duchess of Cambridge would be a fan of the silhouette, it’s regal and a little bit sexy.

[2] Vintage Chanel can make just about every fashion loving girl swoon, case in point – this WGACA Vintage Chanel watch. Thinking about slipping this on by itself or with a stack of leather and beaded bracelets gives me chills. It’s a work of art.

[3] When I was younger, my mother couldn’t get me into a bra without padding, and now that I’ve got a pair of DD boobs, I’m always on a never-ending search for the opposite. The neon green french lace on this bra from Deborah Marquit is exactly that kind of bra.

[4] I’ve got an obsession with chandeliers, whether its earrings or the ones that hang from the ceiling. The Lambent Sphere Chandelier is sort of ethereal and woodland-y. I imagine it hanging in my living room, with the sparkle of crystal combated by the iron hand-wiring.

[5] While Yankee Doodle stuck a feather in his hat and called it macaroni, I much prefer the ring that this Eugenia Kim Hunter Green Lauren Velour Felt Hat has to it. It’s a fedora with just enough masculine authority and a little bit or nursery rhyme zing to polish off any ensemble, especially if your pairing it with my new favorite jacket (see [1])