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Postcards from… Venice

Baroque Side Table; $675.00 Alessandra Di Tommaso | Baroque Skull & Lava ring; $369.00 Murano Mosaic Millefiori Tumblers; $99.00 Mystery gold Murano necklace nr. 379; $238.00 Josh Goot | Slim Skirt; $450.00 Image Map

My trip to Venice inspired a love of baroque, Murano glass and so much more.

[1] Baroque Side Table; $675.00 – [2] Alessandra Di Tommaso Baroque Skull Lava Ring; $369.00 – [3] Murano Mosaic Millefiori Tumblers; $99.00 – [4] Mystery Gold Murano Necklace; $238.00 – [5] Josh Goot Slim Skirt; $450.00 –

My trip to Venice sparked an adoration for Murano glass and re-ignited my love for the baroque style. The city floats on the Adriatic Sea, it’s beauty unveiled in every corner and crevice. My mom took to repeating “Venice is like a fairy book,” an interesting combination of fairy tale and storybook. From the Realto Market to the bridges and old doors on the canals and the man playing his violin in a corner at sunset, it’s not hard to imagine how the quiet magnificence of this city sparking a Renaissance. The spirit of the city is somehow captured in my picks and all of the plethora of pictures I took.

Fashion’s Dirty Little Secret

“If I wanted to be in an innovative industry, I wouldn’t pick fashion.”

The dirty secret of fashion is that there is nothing new. I suppose the cool thing is how we re-invent it, but when people act like something’s so new and fresh in fashion, they immediately lose me. If I wanted to be in an innovative industry, I wouldn’t pick fashion. On the other hand, I’d pick fashion if I wanted to be a historian with creative liberties. I’ve kept a skeptical eye on fashion week this season in NYC, because I honestly haven’t been that interested. More and more it seems the more things change the more they stay the same. This season (like the last) is all about contrasts, and I’m beginning to think that’s the trick to fashion in general. Call it fusion, contrasts, or a blending of complete opposites, it’s all the same concept – they all mean the same thing. Whether it’s pulling together two different styles like leather and lace (circa Alexander Wang Spring Summer 2013) or playing with different eras by pairing vintage with more contemporary pieces. Fashion is fusion, and I say that knowing that that’s both simple and complex because fashion has such a rich history of ideas to pull from.

The Fantastic Four: Burgundy Bags

I can think of quite a few things I love that come in the color burgundy: wine, my ballet leotard from when I was 9/10 years old, and these bags…

Melie Bianco Silvia Double Handle Woven Satchel; $59.40 - The original, Hermes Birkin (in burgundy); $17,999.00 - Rebecca Minkoff - Large Affair; $495.00 - Madewell - Heritage Leather Satchel; $228.00 - Image Map

I haven’t bought a new purse in an eternity, and when I say that I mean it. It’s not like me saying I haven’t bought a nice blouse in a long time, knowing full well I went on a mini shopping spree last weekend and bought five. I need a new bag, and I don’t want a plain black one (although I may want a white one) – the color I’ve been drawn to as of late is burgundy. The Rebecca Minkoff – Large Affair is my current fave.

With fall on the way, what colors are you looking to add to your wardrobe/handbag collection?

Tints of Mint

I’m not sure why, but I gravitate to shades of green more often than I do any other color. Maybe it has something to do with the color in the Jamaican national flag, or those instances where the Caribbean Sea isn’t really blue – instead it’s turquoise or some other magnificent shade of green that stuns the soul. Nevertheless this season my shade of green is more minty than anything else…. so much so that even my phone case is emblematic of my favorite color of the moment.

From dresses to wedges to the jewelry in between, mint green is the kind of shade that will do its best to make your tan look even better than it did after you basked in the sunlight for hours on end. These are just a few tints of mint:

[1] Sandro – Pale Green Printed Dress – $250.00 –

[2] Art Deco Trudy Earrings – $10.00 –

[3] Vince Camuto – Nadine Wedge – $225.00 –

[4] Nine West Predictable Mini Bag – $39.00 –

[5] Two Cord Charm Bracelet – $8.00 –

Season of Scarves

I'm dubbing this the... Season of Scarves

At one point or another I became obsessed with vintage scarves. The result: so many scarves I don’t know what to do with them (so much so, every now and then I stumble upon one or two that I thought were lost). Naturally I grabbed on of them this morning, after deciding my curly hair ponytail needed a little something extra. I knotted my Talbots scarf that I’m not sure really qualifies as ‘vintage’ into a turban, and I was on my way. I loved it so much that I’m declaring the next several months – the season of scarves. How to knot your scarf properly:

[1] Lay the scarf flat
[2] Fold it on the diagonal in half
[3] Fold the pointed corner in until the scarf is about three inches wide
[4] Place the center of the folded scarf on the nape of your neck and tie the scarf once on top of your head
[5] Knot the scarf again, and double-back to knot the ends on the nape of your neck.
[6] Voila! C’est finit!

When I lived in Toronto, I’d spend my weekends in Kensington Market eating scones and rifling through bins to find yet another scarf to add to my collection. I’ve found the best way to find a scarf is to head to a vintage store with those large bins of scarves, get down on your knees and for all intensive purposes start diving for treasure.

Blazers: Pastels & Brights

If the weather’s any indication, Spring is on the brink of  ’springing.’ Blazers are one of those essential elements to any wardrobe, but it’s also time to ditch the black and navy blue variations for pastels and brights. Pink, orange, yellow, green and blue take on sorbet and shocking shades this season, making for key winter to spring transition pieces to get you started. The sorbet shades add a layer of structured delicacy, I have the urge to wear them with black or white lace dresses. I’m utterly in love with the mint green A.L.C Zoe Blazer, it’s sharp yet sweet. As for the brights, these blazers are beckoning to be paired with more bright colors. I love the idea of mixing a bright lemon yellow sheer blouse or a pale floral dress with the fuchsia Elizabeth and James Pink Sue Worsted Wool Blazer. The fuchsia is so beautiful and bright, the color ups the ante and makes my skin glow.

The brights and pastels will help spice up your favorite pieces from last season, but mixing them together will give you the ultimate spring time look.

(Pastels: Cookie 7 Metallic Button Blazer in Light Pink – $168.00,;  3.1 Phillip Lim Silk Satin-Crepe Blazer in Peach – $650.00,; Preen Cutout Wool-Twill Blazer in Lemon Yellow – $1,600.00,;  A.L.C. Zoe Blazer in Mint Green – $695.00,; Carolina Herrera Cotton-Blend Bouclé Jacket – $497.50,

(Brights: Elizabeth and James Pink Sue Worsted Wool Blazer in Fuchsia- $529.37,; Steven Alan Renada Double-Breasted Silk Blazer – $211.75,; Rag & Bone Silver Tuxedo Jacket in Lemon Yellow – $495.00,; Malene Birger Saquenta Blazer – $635.00,; Emilio Pucci Wool Blazer with Enamel Buttons – $1,895.00,

Pick of the Week: 09.01.12

Pick of the WeekSavonnette White Quartz Pocket Watch & Chain – Tissot; – $275.00

With the new year and all I’m a little hyper sensitive about time… every clock that ticks and chimes around me seems to count down the seconds passing in my life. Whether I’m making use of them or not is an entirely different subject, but I can stave off the wasted moments admiring the Tissot Savonnette, a white quartz pocket watch for ladies. All I need now is a pair of cufflinks to match up with this masculine turned feminine time piece.