Fashion Sensory IV

Fashion Sensory IVThe Art: I’m obsessed with mixed media artwork, primarily the ones that mix artistic strokes with real photography. This Nikki Farquharson graphic is my idea of insanely cool. It’s a bonafide color explosion, from the grass beneath her heels straight through her torso to what should be her head. The euphoric bursts of color are wild and untamed, giving me the inspiration to throw an insane amount of color together in one ensemble and feel completely justified about it.

The Piece(s): I’ve been in love with this top for a while, because I can’t walk away from neon green no matter how hard I may try to be a little more ‘civilized.’ The lace makes this leather laser cut lace top from Christopher Kane delicate and it could be called demure if the color wasn’t so outrageously flamboyant. The average skinny jean has gotten terribly boring, but these Rag & Bone low-rise cropped skinny jeans are the exact opposite. This pair of pants picks up perfectly on my favorite shade of blue in the Nikki Farquharson mixed media piece. The finishing touch isn’t any less bright a shade than the rest of these pieces or the colors in the painting. These Cara Accessories, aptly named mixed media bangles have a mix of orange, yellow, gold and brown that pulls on neutrals and matching shades bringing them together in an earthy and kismet way.

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